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Pencil Case Prompts: What is Your Favorite Dish?


Let’s share our go-to favorite meals!

What is your favorite dish? 

Note: This can be a dish you like to eat, cook, bake, prepare for others, or part of a family recipe. Share as many yummy dishes as you would like. If it’s a cultural dish, feel free to also let us know what ingredients are in the dish.

My Reflection

My favorite dish or meal is chicken with rice and beans. I also really enjoy eating a berries bowl with bananas especially with my breakfast! 

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Motivation By SparklyWarTanks: New Worksheets

So excited to share the student and mental health tools I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop MotivateBySWT! 

  1. Navigating self-care printable worksheet packet
  2. Task organization chart.        
  3. Everyday Mindfulness Worksheets.                         
  4. Essay Outline Template    
  5. 2 Version Daily Schedule Slip                                        
  6. Stress level check-In and reflection worksheets

Etsy shop link: MotivateBySWT

Visit MotivateBySWT on where you can find: 

  1. Motivational, affirmation, mindfulness, and mantra stickers.                             
  2. Mood Trackers  
  3. Everyday mental health, self-care, mindfulness and reflection worksheets.         
  4. Student mental health, scheduling and organization tools 

If you have any original quotes, mantras, affirmations, or kind words you would like to make into a sticker or even a worksheet idea please let me know! 
With love and light, SparklyWarTanks 

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Etsy shop link: MotivateBySWT

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I Participated in the NAMI-NYC Seeds of Hope Gala!

NAMI-NYC Seeds of Hope 2021 Interview

Being a mental health advocate means standing firm in your experiences without shame showing others that it’s okay to ask for the support you need.

I share my story in confidence and clarity. I live every day in recovery. I love myself unapologetically and I do what I do to pave the way for others to also become advocates of their own story.

Check out the full virtual event here:

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Pencil Case Prompts: Choose a Writing Prompt


Choose a writing prompt! 

  1. What are 5 people, places, things, or ideas you are grateful for?
  2. What do you want to improve before the end of the year? 
  3. What is one thing you are looking forward to? 
  4. Write a short letter or poem describing a time you learned a valuable lesson. 

Note: Feel free to choose more than one writing prompt! 

My Reflection

I would like to challenge myself and do all four prompts! 

  1. My family, the opportunities I have to express myself creatively, my dogs, my healing journey, the lessons I’ve learned. 
  2. I want to sleep 8 to 10 hours every night. 
  3. I am looking forward to spending time with all of my siblings during the holiday season. 
  4. Even with the world on my shoulders, I soared past the clouds carrying pounds of rainfall. Each drop is a day that’s gone by. I continue to fly ahead. I can keep flying. I choose to keep flying. 

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Love Is Liberating

Love does not only mend and improve the bonds we have with each other but also liberates the relationship we have with ourselves. Creating pathways and pockets of grace to face the challenges of our childhood trauma, survival habits, triggers, and attachment to expectations.

When we open the door to love ourselves unconditionally we create bridges to enter parts of ourselves we are used to hiding away. We welcome wholeness and alignment. We accept every part of who we are. Love becomes the language that guides our inner dialogue and helps us to understand our next steps.

As we love ourselves unconditionally and unapologetically, we can love others the same. We interact and speak with others just as we would ourselves. Let love in. Let love create the way.

Image quote above will be made into a sticker for my Etsy shop at the end of the month!

Motivation By SparklyWarTanks

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You Are Never Too Far From Love

You are not too far from love, even if you feel alone and no one cares.
You are not too far from community or support.
It’s okay if you are struggling and need help sometimes. There is no shame in wanting to connect with others, to feel like you’re a part of something, or simply want to be around like-minded people. You are not too far off or far gone to access people that understand. The love you seek exist. You are never too far away.

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It’s Okay to Feel Your Emotions

Allow yourself the experience of processing what is happening around you. Whether you feel grief, shame, or anger, maybe happiness, hope, and joy, perhaps even neutral emotions like boredom, emotions direct you in understanding what each moment means to you. Listen to your emotions and your body. What you need to know or learn right now is being shown to you. Pay attention. 

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I Am Still A Masterpiece

I Am Still A Masterpiece Audio

Listen to “I Am Still A Masterpiece” on TikTok!

I am a masterpiece…

Despite the misaligned parts of me…

the depths of my shadow make me feel like a black hole…a never ending cycle of unfortunate events.

I am a masterpiece…

Despite the unwarranted attachments to the ideals and ideas that resemble the finish line of what I’ve been chasing after.

The messy boundaries, the tsunami of emotions that overpower the logical parts of me.

I am still a masterpiece…

Even after the labels, stamps, post-its, and reminders that maybe I wasn’t born to be.

Maybe the symptoms, sleepless nights, ruminating thoughts, or the clouds I ride to hide from certain parts of me.

I. Am. A. Masterpiece.

No matter who I’m with, or what I’ve done. No matter the sicknesses, or shame, or guilt, or grief.

The carefully crafted intricacies of who I am, the paint strokes of my personality, the network of veins, the heart that pumps blood, feels in bright red, my eyes that see, nose that smells, tongue that taste. All that I am is immeasurable. Unable to fit comfortably by the shackles of definitions.

The universe sleeps within my soul. I am more.

My energy contagious, spreading peace with every breath I breathe. This is me.

I am a masterpiece.