I’m Nina. I graduated from Syracuse University in 2016 and I double majored in writing and rhetoric with religion. While in college I noticed that balancing responsibilities, social life, work, keeping in contact with family, and prioritizing self-care felt impossible. I was giving too much to everything but myself.

Now, even after graduating and getting used to living in the “real world,” I’m slowly accepting that I have something to offer while healing through my anxiety and depression.

I’m in the process of self-realization and it’s really scary. I’m learning to love myself and accept who I am without getting caught up in how others view me. My goal is to wake up every morning excited and ready to take on each day. No worries. No complaints. Evolved. I want to be able to look at obstacles with the mindset that I’m in control and even if I’m not, I can deal and cope with what I can.

Along with finding purpose, I find myself thinking more and more about my womanhood and how self-love affects who I am and how I perceive who I want to be. Self-awareness, mental health, and reflection are important!

Being a woman having periods, mood swings, menopause, puberty, pregnancy, and a lot of time low self-esteem and negative self-perception from the baggage of stereotypes and gender normativity, is challenging and stressful. We have unimaginable power, strength and endurance inside of us too.

The purpose of SparklyWarTanks is to empower, captivate, inform, inspire, encourage, and influence (especially the minds of women) to love, cherish, and value ourselves on a day to day basis. What can we do to continuously value and permanently love who we are? How can we work to better ourselves?

Lets journey together.

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