Mental Health Awareness Certification (Video Course)

Key Lessons:

  • Module 1: What is Mental Illness?
  • Module 2: Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Module 3: Schizophrenia and Psychosis
  • Module 4: Meditation and Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Illness
  • Module 5: Self-Harm and Suicide

Link: https://newskillsacademy.com/course/mental-health-awareness-certification/

Mindfulness Certification

Key Lessons:

  • Module 1: Definition and History of Mindfulness and How Meditation Practices Can Help Us Enjoy Present Moment Awareness
  • Module 2: Meditation Practices, Therapies, and Benefits Part I
  • Module 3: Meditation Practices, Therapies, and Benefits Part II
  • Module 4: Meditation Practices, Therapies, and Benefits Part III
  • Module 5: Mindfulness-Based Interventions – Applications and Benefits
  • Module 6: Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices, How to Become a Mindfulness Instructor
  • Module 7: Experiences of Mindfulness
  • Module 8: Mindfulness and Self-Exploration
  • Module 9: Mindfulness in Our Daily Lives and How to Become a Mindful Leader

Link: https://newskillsacademy.com/course/mindfulness-certification/

Life Coaching Certification

Key Lessons:

  • Module 1: Life Coaching – Benefits and the Differences between Counseling and Life Coaching
  • Module 2: Foundational Values & Limiting Beliefs
  • Module 3: The Different Types of Life Coaching and the Attributes of a Successful Life Coach
  • Module 4: Listening and Communication Skills for Life Coaching
  • Module 5: An Exploration of Belief Systems and an Overview of Life Coaching Fundamentals
  • Module 6: Code of Ethics and Regulatory Standards in Life Coaching Practices – Powerful Questioning Skills (I)
  • Module 7: Building a Rapport and Trust with Clients – Powerful Questioning Skills (II)
  • Module 8: How to Help your Clients Set Value-Based Goals and Formulating Plans of Action, in Order to Achieve these Goals
  • Module 9: Key Steps to Start, Market, and Sustain a Successful Life Coaching Business (Part 1)
  • Module 10: Key Steps to Start, Market and Sustain a Successful Life Coaching Business (Part II)

Link: https://newskillsacademy.com/course/life-coaching-certification/

Journal Therapy Diploma

Key Lessons:

  • Module 1: Becoming a Journal Therapist
    • Introduction
    • Part 1: Journal Therapy as a Treatment Method
    • Part 2: Journaling as a Coach or Therapist and Journaling as a Group
  • Module 2: What is Journal Therapy
    • Part 1: Defining Journal Therapy
    • Part 2: The Science of Journal Therapy and the Physical Benefits of Expressive Writing
    • Part 3: Journaling Vs. Keeping a Diary and Further Proven Benefits of Journal Therapy
  • Module 3: Structures and Support
    • Part 1: Introducing Journal Therapy to Clients
    • Part 2: Tools of Journal Therapy
    • Part 3: How to Begin
  • Module 4: Journaling Exercises
    • Part 1: Establishing Guidelines
    • Part 2: Different Techniques or Exercises
    • Part 3: Feedback and James Pennebaker’s Journaling Exercise
  • Module 5: Writing to Heal
    • Part 1: Scientific Links Between Journaling and Healing
    • Part 2: The Journal Therapy Acronym
    • Part 3: Journaling as a Tool for Grief Therapy
    • Part 4: Journaling to Overcome Trauma
    • Part 5: Healing Journaling Formats
  • Module 6: Journaling to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
    • Part 1: What is Stress, Anxiety, and Depression? Journaling for Good Mental Health
    • Part 2: How Journaling Helps
  • Module 7: Exploring Dreams
    • Part 1: The Power of Dreams and the Benefits of Journaling about your Dreams
    • Part 2: Starting a Dream Journal
    • Part 3: You are the Expert of your Own Dreams
  • Module 8: Journaling and Creativity
    • Part 1: Creative Journaling Vs. Therapeutic Journaling: Differences and Similarities
    • Part 2: Reasons to Keep a Creative Journal
    • Part 3: Different Ways to Journal Creatively
  •   Module 9: Journaling for a Better Career
    • Part 1: Journaling as a Tool for Career and Life Coaching
    • Part 2: Journaling for Career Advancement
    • Part 3: Journaling to Find a New Job or Career Path
  • Module 10: Journaling for the Self
    • Part 1: Why you Should Keep your Own Journal
    • Part 2: Personal Benefits of Therapeutic Journaling
    • Part 3: Ground Rules for Personal Journaling and 30 Daily Journaling Prompts
    • Conclusion

Link: https://www.centreofexcellence.com/shop/journal-therapy-diploma-course/

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