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Pencil Case Prompts: New Year Agreements and Goals


What is something you want to work on this year? What are some agreements you want to make with yourself? 

My Reflection

For me, I agree to be gentle with myself and take one moment at a time. I choose peace and prioritize my health; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to work on feeling good about positive things happening to me and believing I deserve them when they happen. I believe in greatness for myself. I’ve worked so hard to make it this far. 

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Setting Intentions: What Are Your Themes for 2022?

Setting My Intention

The words that are themes for me this year, in 2022, are “intuition” and “boundaries.

As I actualize myself this year in confidence and freedom, I will listen and pay attention to my needs, wants, desires and intuition. I step forward with better understanding of my thoughts, behaviors, habits and growth. I continuously attract what is for my highest good and take opportunities that are best for me.

I am kind to myself as I navigate through tough emotions like frustration, shame, guilt and anger and I do so with grace and compassion for myself.

I grow in awareness of how to create safe and comfortable spaces for myself and do so regularly. 

I am worthy of love and balance. I create the reality I deserve.

I welcome peace every morning. I am ready for each day.

Your Turn!

Set a new year intention:

What word or words are your themes for 2022?

What affirmation, mantra, or agreement can you create and practice to help you to remember and stick to your intention?

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NAMI-NYC Virtual Expressive Arts Event: My Goals and Agreements

So very excited to announce the NAMI-NYC Expressive Arts workshop event I will be hosting at the end of the month!  This event will be via Zoom and on the NAMI-NYC website. You can find the link by typing in the link in the flyer here and clicking the Expressive Arts Zoom link for January 29th, 2022.If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a DM or email. The time of the event is in Eastern Standard Time.

**I will share any updates or changes and keep everyone posted. 

Here are some details for the event:

Title My Goals and Agreements 

Description “My Goals and Agreements” is a creative and fun event focused on reflecting on ourselves, our goals, and what we see for our year ahead. Starting with an ice breaker, we will sketch an image and write about an accomplishment we are proud of ourselves for achieving. The main activity will then be to trace around our hand and next to each finger write either a goal we want to set, an agreement we want to make with ourselves or an affirmation/mantra we want to remember this year.  Lastly, we will close by sharing our works of art.

Materials Paper, writing utensils (pen, pencil, markers, or crayons).

Hope to see you there!

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Flip the Narrative

Flip the narrative.
Change the scrip.

Take control and craft what you want to create. Speak up. Vibrate higher, stronger, louder in every moment.

The thoughts, behaviors, habits, actions and perspective that kept you stuck in destructive patterns no longer hold space in your life.

Things are different.

You are abundant, successful, and walking in your power.

Its time. You’re ready.

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I Am Free: Year End Affirmations

I heal my nervous system and open myself to love. To love myself and to be loved by others. I am worthy of love, a healthy love, a fun love, a powerful love, a balanced love.

I am safe within myself. I trust myself. I am what I need. I love my body. My body loves me. I accept myself fully.

I am free to create. Free to prioritize myself. Free to understand who I am. I am free to feel my feeling. Free to my own perspective. Free to learn. Free to make mistakes. Free to move forward.

I feel peace. I am at home in my peace. I am at home within myself. I grow more powerful every day.

I welcome what is for my higher good. I am ready.

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Pencil Case Prompts: What do you want to leave in 2021?


As we move forward toward the end of the year into a new year, let’s reflect on all we’ve accomplished and the goals we’ve set.  Getting to this point is nothing short of amazing. I’m so proud of my Pencil Case family. 
With celebrating wins and the creation of new goals also comes the things we want to leave behind us. The things that we don’t want to carry around anymore. What do you want to let go of? What do you want to leave in 2021?

My Reflection

Here is a list of what I want to leave in 2021: 

  1. Self-doubt.                          
  2. The phrase ”I can’t”.           
  3. Co-dependency habits.    
  4. Any low-frequency thoughts that limit my power and potential.            
  5. Not speaking up for myself or my needs. 

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You Deserve the Best

You deserve the best love, support, relationships, friendships, and experiences. You deserve abundance, wealth, and opportunities. You deserve to treat yourself with kindness and love. You deserve growth. You deserve peace. You deserve to find communities that understand you. You deserve to be accepted. Your voice deserves to be heard.

You are worthy of the best. You deserve the best.

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Pencil Case Prompts: What is Your Favorite Dish?


Let’s share our go-to favorite meals!

What is your favorite dish? 

Note: This can be a dish you like to eat, cook, bake, prepare for others, or part of a family recipe. Share as many yummy dishes as you would like. If it’s a cultural dish, feel free to also let us know what ingredients are in the dish.

My Reflection

My favorite dish or meal is chicken with rice and beans. I also really enjoy eating a berries bowl with bananas especially with my breakfast! 

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Motivation By SparklyWarTanks: New Worksheets

So excited to share the student and mental health tools I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop MotivateBySWT! 

  1. Navigating self-care printable worksheet packet
  2. Task organization chart.        
  3. Everyday Mindfulness Worksheets.                         
  4. Essay Outline Template    
  5. 2 Version Daily Schedule Slip                                        
  6. Stress level check-In and reflection worksheets

Etsy shop link: MotivateBySWT

Visit MotivateBySWT on where you can find: 

  1. Motivational, affirmation, mindfulness, and mantra stickers.                             
  2. Mood Trackers  
  3. Everyday mental health, self-care, mindfulness and reflection worksheets.         
  4. Student mental health, scheduling and organization tools 

If you have any original quotes, mantras, affirmations, or kind words you would like to make into a sticker or even a worksheet idea please let me know! 
With love and light, SparklyWarTanks 

Follow my blog Instagram page: @_sparkly.war.tanks_ Etsy Shop Instagram page:
Or Facebook Page

Etsy shop link: MotivateBySWT

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I Participated in the NAMI-NYC Seeds of Hope Gala!

NAMI-NYC Seeds of Hope 2021 Interview

Being a mental health advocate means standing firm in your experiences without shame showing others that it’s okay to ask for the support you need.

I share my story in confidence and clarity. I live every day in recovery. I love myself unapologetically and I do what I do to pave the way for others to also become advocates of their own story.

Check out the full virtual event here: