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Late Night Talks with Nina: 14 Sparkly Reminders for Self-care

List of 14 reminders referred and read in video for self-care while you get through your days.

  • Love yourself
  • Practice Self-care
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Give yourself gealthy work loads
  • Don’t overthink
  • Say “no” when necessary
  • Give yoyrself credit
  • Sleep at night
  • Eat breakfast..lunch…and dinner
  • Talk posutive to yourself
  • Ask for HELP!!
  • Continuously realize who you are.
  • You are an individual
  • You are talented
  • No one is like you.
  • Make list as to not overload your mind with things to do.
  • Remind yourself that you are worthy, beautiful, and a life worth living.

Take care and be safe.

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    I Came to Give Back Hope

    I remember the time I was struck with insecurities about who I am.
    How I couldn’t explain what I want to do, or who I want to be.
    I remember being stuck…
    Putting myself down…
    After I was done doing a bad job at explaining my interests, I then immediately thought, wow, that’s stupid. What you want is not a thing.
    You won’t get anywhere with that. Who does that? You’ve done nothing for yourself to get the unimaginable dream you want to come true.
    And as I began to crush my dreams next to tangible accomplishments of the ones around me, I began to shrink. Shrink so small that I couldn’t see myself anymore. I saw myself in the muck and oil of my current state. I began to grab my aching back and bruised arms, rub the pain from my wrist, and throw up blood from the anxiety and the depression.
    Then I thought, a hope so big brings people bed ridden for dead back to life. A hope that opens closed eyes and ears. A hope of power that flows and pumps blood to my heart every time. The one time I feel a touch of happiness is when I create something.

    While my suffering heart feels myself floating and dispersing into the sea of forgotten faces of capitalistic tendencies, I remember, my dreams is what brought me back to life after my soul left my body..and into an oblivion I went…drowning in fear and regret, I thought I was nothing, but my dreams made me feel something. While my body and soul unite again it’s because of my pencil and my pen.
    I remember why my heart started to beat and the oxygen came back into my lungs.
    I created something.
    Thats what I do.
    I write.
    I dream.
    I’m a motivator for life.
    Living is my motto.

    I remember I was struck with insecurities about who I am, then I thought one more time…I create to give back the life of those whos bodies have left their souls.

    I came to give back hope

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    #Writeitdown Declarations to live by and Internalize: Health

    I will be healthy. To be healthy is to say no to things that negatively effect your mental, physical, or emotional well being. Declare that you will be healthy from now on. If something isn’t good for you, don’t allow it to progress itself and disturb your internal peace.

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    SWT 100 Notes: Note 22

    Intelligence is not associated with gender. How much work you put in schooling and success efforts in a career paths or interests is what makes you intelligent. Opening your perspective makes you intelligent. Being a woman does not make you less likely to be intelligent. I am intelligent because I pay attention and I care. Associating my intelligence with my gender is an insult to my hard work. I am as I am not what society labels me as.

    **Note from January 14th.

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    SWT 100 Notes: Note 21

    Note 21: Listen to one another. Respect each others persective. Learn why they’ve developed that perspective. Talk. Create an understanding of different realities. Become changed. Open your mind. 
    It’s not enough to hear someone. Listen to what they have to say. Understand them. Changed perspective will grow your mind and create empathy in the way you interact with people who are different from you. 

    Changed perspective creates peace and justice. Open yourself up to understand. 

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    Mass Bulletin Board: 2017 in Review

    January: Control
    February: Perseverance and Confidence
    March: Purpose
    April: Self-Acceptance
    May: Self-Care and Self-Appreciation
    June: Talent and Creativity
    July: Love
    August: Moving Forward, Progression and Transformation
    September: Empathy
    October: Compassion and Kindness
    November: Strength and Power
    December: Endings, Beginnings, and Continuations

    Building  perspective is what builds character and what allows you to move to the realm of transformation.  To understand others is to understand yourself in a community and as an individual. To understand control, perseverance, confidence, purpose, self-acceptance, self-care, self-appreciation, talent, creativity, love, moving forward, progression, empathy, compassion, kindness, strength, power, and what it means to continue, end and begin in order to transform into yourself. While you look into yourself, how you experience life, and what it means to build your identity in your individuality is to explore yourself in concepts and ideas.  Who am I? What do I like? How do I love? How do I become better? How do I work on my mental health? How do I grow?
















    Continue in your life, in your journey, and in your purpose.  Being alive is a purpose in itself. Be yourself. Build yourself. Love yourself.



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    #Writeitdown Declarations to Live by and Internalize: Peace and Positivity

    I will be positive and kind to myself.

    I will lift myself up.

    I will be my biggest fan.

    I will learn from my mistakes.

    I will be better.

    How I see myself, how I speak to myself, how I progress will be positive.

    I will be stronger.

    I will be powerful.

    I will stay calm.

    I will become more and more of myself.