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Pencil Case Prompts: Victories and Mindful Moments


What’s a challenge you’ve worked extra hard to overcome?

Let’s share our victories together today!

Is there a challenge you’ve been faced with that’s taken a bit more effort and consistency to work through or overcome? What has that challenge been like for you? Has the challenge taught you anything thus far?

My Reflection

For me, my biggest challenge was learning how to love myself and put my needs first. It’s taken so much work on my part, and I’m still working on it, but I’ve made so much progress in the past three years! I’m so proud of myself 🌻.

What about you?

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A 3 Step Mindful Moment: Gratitude and Intentions

When you come across this message take these three mindful steps:

Step 1: Pause ⏸️ what you are doing and take three deep breaths. Count for three seconds as you inhale and three seconds as you exhale.

Step 2: List two people, places, things or ideas you are grateful for.

Step 3: Set one positive intention for the rest of your day.

Note: Feel free to share your gratitude list and intention for the day in the comments below if you would like πŸŒŸπŸ™‚.

My Reflection

Here is my gratitude list and intention for the day:

I am grateful for my bed and food to eat when I’m hungry.

My intention for today is to go slow and listen to my body as I navigate high anxiety.

My affirmation: I am allowed to take my time. There is no rush for me to get through the day.

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Pencil Case Prompts: Reflections,Check-Ins, and Self-Care


Build a self-care gift bag!

What would you fill your self-care gift bag with? What do you need right now or for the week ahead?

🧸 Teddy bear of comfort and relaxation

πŸ“š Coloring books of fun

πŸ‡πŸ§ Energy snacks

πŸ‘Ÿ Calming shoes

πŸ’Œ Letters, reminders and mindful tips of support

Note: Feel free to choose as many items as you would like! 🌸

Beginning of the week affirmation: I take one step at a time and reflect on what I need as I navigate each moment of my day. I am important. I do what’s best for me.

My Reflection

As I reflect on my needs, I definitely will add a teddy bear since I’ve been overthinking 🧸, energy snacks to help me keep up with my work 🧁, reminders and mindful tips πŸ’Œ and calming shoes πŸ‘Ÿ because my anxiety isn’t doing too well starting my week off.

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Mid-Year Reflection!
Choose a flower 🌷🌹🌻

Choose a flower and reflect on how this year has been for you so far.

🌷 : What is something you’ve achieved so far this year that you’re proud of?

🌹: What is something you would like to continue working on?

🌻: What is a long-term or short-term goal you want to set this month?

My Reflection

I’ll reflect first!

🌷: This year, I was able to grow in my craft, my Mighty family, and in my finances!

🌹: I would like to continue working on my self-talk and procrastination when it comes to my personal projects. I want to be more confident in my abilities and creative skills.

🌻: A long-term goal I want to set starting this month is continuing to save money as well as working on my Etsy shop more consistently.

Mid-year affirmation: I am proud of the progress I’ve made and the progress I continue to make. I am doing my best and there’s no shame in asking for help on my journey. I am ready for my next steps.

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Write a list of 10 people, places, things or ideas that are important to you.

Let’s reflect on what’s important to us today!

My Reflection

I’ll go first!
Here is my list:

1. My family and friends
2. My dogs
3. Creativity
4. Empathy
5. The Mighty
6. My room/creative space
7. My mental health
8. Self-awareness
9. Learning
10. My blog/brand SparklyWarTanks

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NAMI-NYC July Virtual Expressive Arts Event and Mighty Reflection: Feelings of “Home” and Self-Care

So very excited to announce the NAMI-NYC Expressive Arts workshop event I will be hosting at the end of the month!Β  This event will be via Zoom and on the NAMI-NYC website. You can find the link in the flyer here. On the day of the event click the Expressive Arts Zoom link for July 30th.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email. The time of the event is in Eastern Standard Time.

**I will share any updates or changes and keep everyone posted.Β 
Here are some details for the event:

Me and My Self-Care

“Me and My Self-Care” is a creative and fun event focused on reflecting about self-care, love and what “home” feels like to us. Starting with an ice breaker, we will sketch an image and write about our favorite type of self-care. The main activity will then be to pick one of two activities. The first activity will be to draw a self-care toolbox with a list of your favorite and most helpful self-care practices and the second activity will be to write a poem describing what “home” feels like to you and what it’s like for you to experience love, support and acceptance.Β  Lastly, we will close by sharing our works of art.

Paper, writing utensils (pen, pencil, markers, or crayons).

Hope to see you there!

**Sneak peek for my NAMI-NYC event activity.


What does “home” feel like to you?

If you wanted describe what “home” feels like to you, what words would you use? Does the feeling have a color, an experience, or remind you of a person? Is home a place or an idea?

My Reflection

For me, home is when I feel at peace and when I’m calm. Home is when I’m with my family and friends and I feel safe. Home is when I fully accept myself for who I am. Home is in the present moment.

What about you?

Find this activity in the Self-Care Lounge group on The Mighty here as well.

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#CheckInWithMe: Choose An Affirmation

What affirmation are you taking from your affirmation journal today? πŸ“–

1. I take my time and prioritize my needs. My needs are important.

2. I am enough.

3. It’s okay for me to ask for help.

4. I am worthy of love, kindness and acceptance.

5. I am making great progress. I am proud of myself.

Note: Feel free to choose as many affirmations as you would like or add some of if you own.

You can find this activity in the Check In With Me group on The Mighty here as well.

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It’s Possible.

It’s Possible

With each thought of impossibility lies a possibility, a possibility to shift and change the perception of that thought. 

In times of confusion, fear, doubt, or worry know what possibilities can be crafted.

Possibilities we can create include:

  • Awareness and reflection
  • Observation and understanding
  • Perception of control
  • Growth in perspective
  • Possibilities for change

As we navigate the possibilities in our lives we open channels to perceive, observe and reflect on what is happening. With understanding where we fit in our experiences, we create opportunities for awareness, growth and change.

Let’s create possibilities in our lives.

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I Release. I Welcome. I’m Ready.

Take a deep breath and say this affirmation with me:

I release any and everything not aligned with my highest good. I welcome possibilities and opportunities for peace, growth and love of all kinds. I’m ready to receive.

Reminder: You are worthy of receiving what is good. Accept what is and continue to create pathways for abundance to enter your energy. As you navigate your daily thoughts and ideas, know when to release what is not serving you and act when opportunities arise. Continue to be the creator.

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Be There Certificate!

Hi Sparkly family!

I wanted to share a free resource I was able to complete last month as a part of my Mighty responsabilities. It’s called the “Be There Certificate.” This certificate is great for helping to learn different ways you can support someone who may be struggling with their mental health, from language you can use to steps you can take to support the people who matter to you! It’s not always the easiest to navigate and approach difficult moments, but it’s definitely worth exploring in what ways you can help πŸ¦‹.

If you want to check out the certificate, you can follow the link here:

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Pick a Shooting Star!


Pick a shooting star!

Which Mighty star is shinning for you today? Which Mighty star can use a bit more sparkle in its shine?

Blue 🌟: Motivation and getting work done.

Yellow 🌟: Rest and relaxation

Pink 🌟: Reflection, progress and working on your needs

Purple 🌟: Self-advocacy and seeking support

Don’t see the Mighty star that’s shinning for you? No worries! Feel free to share your own Mighty star or what’s going great for you today in the comments as well πŸ’«πŸŒ .

Affirmation for the week:

I do my best and my best is always enough. I begin each day inspired to continue moving forward πŸ’Ž.

You can find this activity in the Daily Inspirations group on The Mighty here as well!

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Pencil Case Prompts: Activities and Encouraging Words Reflections


What is your favorite outside activity?

What is your favorite activity to do outdoors? Perhaps you like to ski in the winter, go to the beach when it’s warm out, or even take a walk in the rain in the middle of spring. What activity do you love to participate in the most?

My Reflection

For me it’s taking a long walk in a park on a breezy spring afternoon 🌳🏞️.

What about you?

Feel free to share your favorite outdoor activity in the comments below!

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Write an encouraging note to yourself for the week ahead.

It’s the start of a new week Pencil Case family! Let’s start off the week with encouraging notes to ourselves 🌱🌟. Feel free to make your note an affirmation, reminder, song lyric, quote, funny saying, letter, or pep talk!

My Reflection

Here is my note:

Dear Nina,

You are worthy of good things, love, and happy moments. Continue to do your best! Don’t forget to meditate and drink water this week πŸ‘€πŸš°πŸ§˜β™‚. I love you.


Bonus: Write your note on a piece of paper or somewhere where you can see it as a daily reminder this week!

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Choose A Heart!


Choose a heart and follow the prompt that goes with that heart πŸ§‘πŸ’›β€οΈ.

❀️: Finish this sentence: I show up for myself by __________.

πŸ’›: What are three things you are grateful for this week? 

🧑: Write a thank you note to something or someone that’s had a positive impact on your mental health.

My Reflection

I’ll go first! 
I’ll challenge myself and do all three 😁.

❀️: I show up for myself by knowing my limits and doing what’s best for me even if that means saying no to others. 

πŸ’›: Three things I am grateful for this week are my dog who lifts my spirits everytime I leave my bedroom, my mom who continues to support me, and my comfy bed where I rest.

🧑: Thank you Kat, Ben and Carla from The Mighty team that continues to support, encourage, and help me to do my best work! 

Your turn! 
Pick a heart β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ§‘.

If you’re up to it, feel free to share in the comments below πŸ’Œ

You can find this prompt and reflection activity in the Let’s Talk Depression group here on The Mighty. Feel free to join the conversation!