Writing Therapy

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Writing has been my hobby for a long time, as long as I’ve known how to write, but recently I’ve used writing to document thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to express otherwise. Thoughts that only go in circles in my head until they drive me crazy. Social media and blogging has given me the opportunity to journal and express, to rant and to vent, to motivate and inspire even if its just me reading it. I’m able to manipulate and turn negativity into positive analysis and entries. To write my life and my thoughts. To talk to myself. To convince myself that life is not that bad and I will get through whatever it is I’m writing about. Writing became my therapy.
Like drawing and dancing and all of those amazing art forms, writing can sooth and be therapeutic. Without constraints or criticism, writing can be your way out of your own head. It can help you get out of depression, anxiety, and other things that go on silently in the struggles of your mind that bind you and effect how you perceive the world. Write anywhere, on your phone, a piece of paper, social media, memos, anywhere where writing is accessible.

Writing has saved my mind many times. Writing is individual and intimate. No need for good grammar or rules, no need for struggles of trying to find the right person to trust to vent to, you are the writing. Writing is you and yourself, organizing your thoughts and trying to figure out life. Writing can help you realize when your wrong or when you sound sorta irrational. Writing can be your company. You can learn to love yourself through your writing. Writing makes the infinite finite so you can deal with anything and everything.

Just write and you will begin to be more and more comfortable with your own mind and thoughts.

Writing therapy saves me every day.