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Choose A Heart!


Choose a heart and follow the prompt that goes with that heart 🧡💛❤️.

❤️: Finish this sentence: I show up for myself by __________.

💛: What are three things you are grateful for this week? 

🧡: Write a thank you note to something or someone that’s had a positive impact on your mental health.

My Reflection

I’ll go first! 
I’ll challenge myself and do all three 😁.

❤️: I show up for myself by knowing my limits and doing what’s best for me even if that means saying no to others. 

💛: Three things I am grateful for this week are my dog who lifts my spirits everytime I leave my bedroom, my mom who continues to support me, and my comfy bed where I rest.

🧡: Thank you Kat, Ben and Carla from The Mighty team that continues to support, encourage, and help me to do my best work! 

Your turn! 
Pick a heart ❤️💛🧡.

If you’re up to it, feel free to share in the comments below 💌

You can find this prompt and reflection activity in the Let’s Talk Depression group here on The Mighty. Feel free to join the conversation!

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Write an encouraging message to your younger self. 


Write an encouraging message to your younger self. 

If you could go back in time, what messages would you tell your younger self? What advice, reminders or positive words about mental health, self-care and self-love do you think would be helpful for your younger self to hear?

My Reflection

Here is my message to my younger self: 

Dear Little Me, 

I love you just the way you are. 
You are enough.
You are not too much or too different.  
You are beautiful and worthy of so much love.
You are healing. 
You are growing, it’s okay to make mistakes.
You are smart and creative.  
I’m so proud of you. 

Bigger Me

Feel free to share your message in the comments!

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I Welcome Peace: A Poem About an Important Memory

I Welcome Peace

I connect with the inner workings of my mind. 
I connect with myself.
Who am I? 
What am I doing here? 
I sit and I ponder as I press the keys on my keyboard. 
Words flow from my mind to the ends of my fingertips. 
I’m free to express my thoughts, the energy of my consciousness. 
I create because I am the creator. 
I set the tone to what is happening to me. 
I am because I exist.
I exist because I am. 
I am one with myself.
I’ve come to know peace.

Poem shared in Mighty Poets with prompt above as well.

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Mighty Reflection Prompts: #CheckInWithMe Changes, Improvements and Self-Esteem


What is one thing you want to change, improve, or do more of this year?

My Reflection

Ever since this year started, I’ve been on a mission to prioritize what’s best for me. From the
opportunities I’m accepting to what I’m eating and who I’m interacting with, I’m checking in with myself daily to make sure what I’m doing is a reflection of what I want and deserve. 

In that process, I’ve  thought a lot about what I need more of and what I want to improve. One major thing I know I want/need more of (because It’s almost nonexistent in my life) is having fun and defining what fun looks like for me. I want to spend more time doing things I enjoy!

What about you? Is there anything you want to change, improve, or do more of this year? 

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Reflection prompt shared with me by xokat and graphic created by me.


Finish this sentence: 
I like to boost my self-esteem by ________.

My Reflection

Building my self-esteem  is an ongoing journey I work on regularly. On that journey I’ve learned different ways to help myself feel better especially when my mental health isn’t great and I’m feeling depressed, sad or self-critical of what I’ve achieved so far in my life.  

I particularly like to boost my self-esteem by doing a combination of these three things: 
1. Repeating this affirmation, “I am doing my best and my best is enough.”
2. Going to get my eyebrows done and buying myself something nice (when it’s in my budget). 
3. Writing on my blog about something I’ve overcome or accomplished that I’m most proud of.   

What about you? How do you boost your self-esteem?

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Thoughts and Questions: Are You Ready to Receive What You Want?

The more I move forward this year, the more I realize the impact my experiences, reflection, and perspective continue to have on shaping my perception of what’s happening around me.

Something major I learned just 2 days ago was despite wanting something so bad in the past, at that moment in time, I would have not been ready to receive what I have right now back then. It took so much work on my part, to be able to shift into the perspespective that is ready and capable to navigate my current experiences in a way that benefits me.

Just as much as I realize how I’ve changed to attract the abundance I have now, also reflects the process of receiving what I want now. I still have more growing to do and that’s okay. I’m patient with myself as I take one step at a time toward receiving my desires.

Affirmation: I am in alignment with my highest timeline and attract the love and abundance I deserve.

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The Mighty #CheckInWithMe Group Prompt: What Would You Tell Your Teenage Self about Love?

Reflection prompt shared with me by xokat and graphic created by me.

Activity/Reflection Prompt:

What would you tell your teenage self about love?

My Reflection

I remember when I was a teenager I struggled a lot with my self-esteem and self-worth. I later realized because of this my perception of love was impacted; I struggled so much especially with self-love. I remember always wanting to be in a relationship and being in the “fairy tale” type of love story. I thought that I would only be satisfied with the idea of love if I was in a romantic relationship with my “soulmate.”  Valentines day hit me hard every year because, to me, it was a reminder of my failures in love.  

It took me up until now, as an adult, to slowly learn to love myself fully and unconditionally. I would tell my teenage self that love is all around me — from how I speak to myself, to the ones I surround myself with; from my creativity to my advocacy work; from how I interact with others to being in nature and expressing gratitude for what I have. Love is everywhere, I just have to open myself up to feel it.  

Warm and Friendly Reminder: Love is vast and can show up in many different ways including in friendships, family (biological or otherwise), romanic relationships, in  work/hobbies, in nature, and in self-love. Love is never too far away. 

Affirmations you can practice for self-love: 

“I am worthy of acceptance and love.” 

“I love myself.”  

“Love is all around me.” 

What about you? What would you tell your teenage self about love?

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February Mantra

Practice this mantra with me this month:

I overcome every challenge I’m faced with and learn the lessons necessary to help me move forward. I am proud of myself for doing my best every step of the way. Even on the toughest days, I’m stronger than I think. I am ready to continue forward doing what’s best for me.

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Flip the Narrative

Flip the narrative.
Change the scrip.

Take control and craft what you want to create. Speak up. Vibrate higher, stronger, louder in every moment.

The thoughts, behaviors, habits, actions and perspective that kept you stuck in destructive patterns no longer hold space in your life.

Things are different.

You are abundant, successful, and walking in your power.

Its time. You’re ready.

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I Am Free: Year End Affirmations

I heal my nervous system and open myself to love. To love myself and to be loved by others. I am worthy of love, a healthy love, a fun love, a powerful love, a balanced love.

I am safe within myself. I trust myself. I am what I need. I love my body. My body loves me. I accept myself fully.

I am free to create. Free to prioritize myself. Free to understand who I am. I am free to feel my feeling. Free to my own perspective. Free to learn. Free to make mistakes. Free to move forward.

I feel peace. I am at home in my peace. I am at home within myself. I grow more powerful every day.

I welcome what is for my higher good. I am ready.

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You Deserve the Best

You deserve the best love, support, relationships, friendships, and experiences. You deserve abundance, wealth, and opportunities. You deserve to treat yourself with kindness and love. You deserve growth. You deserve peace. You deserve to find communities that understand you. You deserve to be accepted. Your voice deserves to be heard.

You are worthy of the best. You deserve the best.