Message to Viewers

Often times women are told they have to be passive, classy, respectful, and submissive. We must be beautiful superheros, taking care of everything and everyone while at the same time staying beautiful, fit, and healthy. In reality this is draining and unreasonable. Sometimes we loose our sense of independence in the mist of our responsibilities and loose who we want to be trying to be who we think we have to be. In gaining our independence and finding worth and value in ourselves, I pose that we work together.

SparklyWarTanks, a name that I’ve given the mission of this blog, prompts us to be the people we are, be the women we are, and declare war on the stereotypes that bound our potential. We will do what we want when we want to do it, and we will do it for the betterment of our character. No one will tell us that we can’t do anything because we can and we will.

From this day on we will better ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to be who we want to be and reach our maximum potential. We will work together and work independently, we will wake up every day energized and motivated to get what we have to get done as well as have time for ourselves to reflect and be who we are.

Lets begin to live, blossom, grow, and realize the beauty in ourselves!