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Pencil Case Prompts: Self-Advocating

To honor your needs is to reflect and prioritize what is most important to you and for you. Honoring your needs allows you to grow in self-awareness and self-compassion.

Become intentional with your needs so you can vocalize and advocate for yourself whenever your needs aren’t being met.


What are some ways you can honor your needs better?

-What are the ways to best honor your needs?
-Why are those ways important to you and your self-care?

My Reflection

I can honor my needs better by not feeling bad or guilty for being vocal about what I need.
If on the occasion I feel bad about asserting my needs, I tend to fall into people-pleasing behaviors abandoning my needs altogether.

Affirmation: I will be open and honest about what I need and not feel like a burden to others when asserting those needs.

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As we continue the journey of learning what it means to set goals and carry them out, we come to the question of how to hold ourselves accountable for the goals we set. Without accountability, all we have are thoughts and ideas with potential. Without action there are no results.


So, what can you do to prioritize the goals you set?

-What actions do you take to prioritize the goals that mean something to you?
-Why are those actions important in your goal setting journey?
-How are those actions holding you accountable for reaping results?


As ambitious as I am, I make goals all the time. Making goals isn’t the issue for me, remembering all the goals and making them feasible is how I can hold myself accountable to them. I can accomplish this by writing down my goals once they are manageable then create a plan and to-do list.

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