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Pencil Case Prompts: Animals and Affirmations Setting Positive Intentions for the Week Ahead


What’s the first animal that catches your eye in the image above? Check the affirmation box to see what affirmation goes with that animal. That affirmation is your positive intention for the week ahead!

List of animals with their affirmations: 

The Fox 🦊- I am enough just the way that I am. 

The Dove 🕊️- I am allowed to take breaks and prioritize my self-care. 

The Lion 🦁- I am powerful, brave and courageous. 

The Eagle 🦅-  It’s okay to feel my feelings. My feelings are valid.  

The Bunny 🐇: I am proud of myself and my progress. I am continuously learning and growing. 

Bonus: What is one goal you want to set this week?

My Reflection

My animal is the lion 🦁 and my affirmation is “I am powerful, brave, and courageous.” My goal for the week is to make sure that I’m getting a good amount of sleep every night 🌙.

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