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I Deserve it.

Everything good that you’ve experienced and will experience is coming your way simply because you deserve it. You deserve peace, success, celebration, abundance, wealth, support, and love. Nothing you do or don’t do will pave the way for something that is already yours. It’s yours because you exist. Keep on taking one step at a time and one breath at a time. Keep moving forward. Believe in goodness.

I love you and I’m proud of you.

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I Trust and Believe in Myself…An Affirmation

Say this affirmation with me: I trust and believe in myself to manage and navigate through tough situations.

No matter how challenging the situation or how frustrated I feel, I’m capable of navigating each tough situation I’m presented with. I am capable of problem solving, self-care, and doing what is necessary to move forward. I trust in my intuition. I know who I am. I love myself. I believe in my capabilities.

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#CheckInWithMe: Choose An Affirmation

What affirmation are you taking from your affirmation journal today? 📖

1. I take my time and prioritize my needs. My needs are important.

2. I am enough.

3. It’s okay for me to ask for help.

4. I am worthy of love, kindness and acceptance.

5. I am making great progress. I am proud of myself.

Note: Feel free to choose as many affirmations as you would like or add some of if you own.

You can find this activity in the Check In With Me group on The Mighty here as well.

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I Release. I Welcome. I’m Ready.

Take a deep breath and say this affirmation with me:

I release any and everything not aligned with my highest good. I welcome possibilities and opportunities for peace, growth and love of all kinds. I’m ready to receive.

Reminder: You are worthy of receiving what is good. Accept what is and continue to create pathways for abundance to enter your energy. As you navigate your daily thoughts and ideas, know when to release what is not serving you and act when opportunities arise. Continue to be the creator.

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Say Yes

Say yes to yourself today. Say yes to all that is good. Say yes because you are deserving of growth and happiness. 

Say yes because you deserve to experience the best; to attract abundance in all of its forms; to bask in the highest frequencies of happiness and love. 

Say yes…

Yes to peace.

Yes to freedom. 

Yes to friends, community, and loving partners. 

Yes to success and opportunity. 

Yes to a comfortable and affordable home to live.

Yes to relief. 

Yes to stability. 

Yes to unconditional love. 

Say yes because all that is for you is already yours. Accept it. You deserve it. 

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Pencil Case Prompts: Animals and Affirmations Setting Positive Intentions for the Week Ahead


What’s the first animal that catches your eye in the image above? Check the affirmation box to see what affirmation goes with that animal. That affirmation is your positive intention for the week ahead!

List of animals with their affirmations: 

The Fox 🦊- I am enough just the way that I am. 

The Dove 🕊️- I am allowed to take breaks and prioritize my self-care. 

The Lion 🦁- I am powerful, brave and courageous. 

The Eagle 🦅-  It’s okay to feel my feelings. My feelings are valid.  

The Bunny 🐇: I am proud of myself and my progress. I am continuously learning and growing. 

Bonus: What is one goal you want to set this week?

My Reflection

My animal is the lion 🦁 and my affirmation is “I am powerful, brave, and courageous.” My goal for the week is to make sure that I’m getting a good amount of sleep every night 🌙.

Join the conversation here in The Pencil Case on

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The Cycle Breaker’s Affirmation

If you’re like me and resonate with the experiences of a cycle breaker I want to extend love and light your way. It’s definitely not easy trying to change patterns you’ve been accustomed and conditioned to accepting since a young age. It’s also not easy feeling different and out of place in spaces where you expect to feel welcomed. I see you and I understand. We got this!

Let’s practice this affirmation together:

I am continuously healing generational and historical trauma. I prioritize my health and wellness and set a new example for future generations. I stand up for myself, do what’s best for me and check-in with myself daily. I am dedicated to my growth and will change the landscape of my conditioned thoughts, habits, and behaviors. I am in charge of my future and I craft my reality. I take on each challenge with grace and self-compassion and know how to set boundaries with myself and others. I live a fulfilling life and love all parts of who I am. I am ready to take on each day and continue to learn every step of the way. I attract love and peace because love and peace is all around me.

Let’s be the change we want to see.

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Flip the Narrative

Flip the narrative.
Change the scrip.

Take control and craft what you want to create. Speak up. Vibrate higher, stronger, louder in every moment.

The thoughts, behaviors, habits, actions and perspective that kept you stuck in destructive patterns no longer hold space in your life.

Things are different.

You are abundant, successful, and walking in your power.

Its time. You’re ready.