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Mighty Reflection Prompts: #CheckInWithMe Changes, Improvements and Self-Esteem


What is one thing you want to change, improve, or do more of this year?

My Reflection

Ever since this year started, I’ve been on a mission to prioritize what’s best for me. From the
opportunities I’m accepting to what I’m eating and who I’m interacting with, I’m checking in with myself daily to make sure what I’m doing is a reflection of what I want and deserve. 

In that process, I’ve  thought a lot about what I need more of and what I want to improve. One major thing I know I want/need more of (because It’s almost nonexistent in my life) is having fun and defining what fun looks like for me. I want to spend more time doing things I enjoy!

What about you? Is there anything you want to change, improve, or do more of this year? 

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Reflection prompt shared with me by xokat and graphic created by me.


Finish this sentence: 
I like to boost my self-esteem by ________.

My Reflection

Building my self-esteem  is an ongoing journey I work on regularly. On that journey I’ve learned different ways to help myself feel better especially when my mental health isn’t great and I’m feeling depressed, sad or self-critical of what I’ve achieved so far in my life.  

I particularly like to boost my self-esteem by doing a combination of these three things: 
1. Repeating this affirmation, “I am doing my best and my best is enough.”
2. Going to get my eyebrows done and buying myself something nice (when it’s in my budget). 
3. Writing on my blog about something I’ve overcome or accomplished that I’m most proud of.   

What about you? How do you boost your self-esteem?

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2 thoughts on “Mighty Reflection Prompts: #CheckInWithMe Changes, Improvements and Self-Esteem

  1. I too am on a constant journey of bettering my self-esteem, and I’ve learned that doing things I don’t like (yet which improve my life, like chores and learning) are the best for my growth. The more I avoid and procrastinate, the less confidence I have in myself, and that trickles to all areas in my life. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. Yes, I definitely understand what you mean! It’s a continuous process, but we’ll definitely get better the more we incorporate the things that help 🙂🌟.

      Thank you for reading 🦋.


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