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Reflection Prompts and Affirmations: Looking Ahead


Which animal affirmation will you embody this week?

Choose an animal from the graphic above and scroll down to read what your “I am” affirmation is for the week ahead!

Fox 🦊: I am able to do what’s best for me. I take care of myself.

Panda 🐼: I am resilient. I allow myself to take one step at a time.

Horse 🐴: I am fierce. I can achieve what I set my mind to.

Koala 🐨: I am kind to myself. I allow myself moments of peace and rest.

Lion 🦁: I am strong. I can overcome whatever comes my way.

Turtle 🐢: I am patient with my progress. I’ve achieved so much so far. I am proud of myself.

You can also find this prompt here in The Pencil Case on The Mighty!


What’s something you want to get better at by the end of the year?

Check-in, time! Let’s share the things we want to improve by the end of December. Whether it has to do with your health, habits, finances, spirituality, work, hobbies, or goals, what do you want to improve, learn, get better at, or change by the end of 2023?

My Reflection

I’ll go first!

Something I really want to improve is prioritizing self-care when I’m taking a break. I often find myself thinking of work or everything I want to accomplish when I’m trying to rest, leaving me exhausted most of the time. I want to learn how to relax my thoughts and nervous system so I’m actually resting when I need to.

You can also find this prompt here in the Check In With Me group on The Mighty!

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