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NAMI-NYC Virtual Expressive Arts Workshop Event: Colors

So very excited to announce the NAMI-NYC Expressive Arts workshop event I will be facilitating this weekend!  This event will be via Zoom and on the NAMI-NYC website. You can find the link here. On the day of the event click the Expressive Arts Zoom link for April 29th, 2023.

IMPORTANT: This Expressive Arts workshop and the ones following this one are now from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm! 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email. The time of the event is in Eastern Standard Time. 

Here are some details for the event:


“Colors” is a creative and fun event where we will reflect and share about the colors and beauty we see in the world around us. Starting with an ice breaker, we will sketch an image and write about what we imagine when we hear the word “bright”.The main activity will then be to pick one of two activities. The first activity will be to pick a color and draw as many things you can think of that’s the color you chose; and the second activity will be to write a descriptive poem about a time when you witnessed a beautiful scenery. Lastly, we will close by sharing our works of art.

Paper, writing utensils (pen, pencil, markers, or crayons).

2:00 – 2:20: Introductions and Ice breaker
2:20 – 3:00: Main Activity
3:30 – 3:30: Sharing and Closing

Hope to see you there!

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