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Pencil Case Prompts: Reflections,Check-Ins, and Self-Care


Build a self-care gift bag!

What would you fill your self-care gift bag with? What do you need right now or for the week ahead?

🧸 Teddy bear of comfort and relaxation

📚 Coloring books of fun

🍇🧁 Energy snacks

👟 Calming shoes

💌 Letters, reminders and mindful tips of support

Note: Feel free to choose as many items as you would like! 🌸

Beginning of the week affirmation: I take one step at a time and reflect on what I need as I navigate each moment of my day. I am important. I do what’s best for me.

My Reflection

As I reflect on my needs, I definitely will add a teddy bear since I’ve been overthinking 🧸, energy snacks to help me keep up with my work 🧁, reminders and mindful tips 💌 and calming shoes 👟 because my anxiety isn’t doing too well starting my week off.

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Mid-Year Reflection!
Choose a flower 🌷🌹🌻

Choose a flower and reflect on how this year has been for you so far.

🌷 : What is something you’ve achieved so far this year that you’re proud of?

🌹: What is something you would like to continue working on?

🌻: What is a long-term or short-term goal you want to set this month?

My Reflection

I’ll reflect first!

🌷: This year, I was able to grow in my craft, my Mighty family, and in my finances!

🌹: I would like to continue working on my self-talk and procrastination when it comes to my personal projects. I want to be more confident in my abilities and creative skills.

🌻: A long-term goal I want to set starting this month is continuing to save money as well as working on my Etsy shop more consistently.

Mid-year affirmation: I am proud of the progress I’ve made and the progress I continue to make. I am doing my best and there’s no shame in asking for help on my journey. I am ready for my next steps.

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Write a list of 10 people, places, things or ideas that are important to you.

Let’s reflect on what’s important to us today!

My Reflection

I’ll go first!
Here is my list:

1. My family and friends
2. My dogs
3. Creativity
4. Empathy
5. The Mighty
6. My room/creative space
7. My mental health
8. Self-awareness
9. Learning
10. My blog/brand SparklyWarTanks

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