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Pencil Case Prompts: Victories and Mindful Moments


What’s a challenge you’ve worked extra hard to overcome?

Let’s share our victories together today!

Is there a challenge you’ve been faced with that’s taken a bit more effort and consistency to work through or overcome? What has that challenge been like for you? Has the challenge taught you anything thus far?

My Reflection

For me, my biggest challenge was learning how to love myself and put my needs first. It’s taken so much work on my part, and I’m still working on it, but I’ve made so much progress in the past three years! I’m so proud of myself 🌻.

What about you?

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A 3 Step Mindful Moment: Gratitude and Intentions

When you come across this message take these three mindful steps:

Step 1: Pause ⏸️ what you are doing and take three deep breaths. Count for three seconds as you inhale and three seconds as you exhale.

Step 2: List two people, places, things or ideas you are grateful for.

Step 3: Set one positive intention for the rest of your day.

Note: Feel free to share your gratitude list and intention for the day in the comments below if you would like 🌟🙂.

My Reflection

Here is my gratitude list and intention for the day:

I am grateful for my bed and food to eat when I’m hungry.

My intention for today is to go slow and listen to my body as I navigate high anxiety.

My affirmation: I am allowed to take my time. There is no rush for me to get through the day.

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