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You Are A Complete Person

6 Truths About Worth:

-Your worth is defined by who you are, intrinsically. Nothing you “do” or “don’t do” can change your worth.
-Your worth does not fluctuate or change depending on who you are with or who you want to be with.
-You are worthy no matter what. There is nothing outside of you that can determine your worth.
-How someone treats you is reflective of them and not of you.
-Nothing and no one can take away your worth.
-Your worth will stay with you and will not leave. There is no need to prove your worth to anyone.

You are a whole person without anyone telling you or showing you. Being with someone does not validate your worth. You were worthy before them and you are still going to be worthy with them or after them.

You are complete.
You are enough.
You are necessary.
You are important.

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