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Voices of Mental Health Article: How to Bounce Back from a Panic Attack

Experiencing a panic attack is exhausting, draining and can take days to recover from. While we sometimes do our best to prevent an escalation into a panic attack, they still can happen. How do we feel like ourselves again following a panic attack? What are some positive coping techniques we can use to improve our self-care?

Check out the article!

How to Bounce Back from a Panic Attack

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January 1st Check-In: New Year New Habit

I woke up pretty sad today. My thoughts are filled with doubts, fears, and hopelessness. What I am going to do this year, however, is allow myself to feel the tough stuff and process my emotions ūüí°.

My new year’s new habit will be to journal every day and help myself to heal and feel. No matter how low I get, I will allow myself time to get through the hard stuff without pushing it away.

Goal: Love me enough to find productive ways to process my thoughts and feelings.

What are some habits you’ll like to start in 2020?.

Find it here on my Mighty Page.

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Defying Shadows: Weird Tricks that Really Do Help you Fall Asleep

Anyone else have issues with falling asleep? Here are some tips and tricks I learned in my Defying Shadows Article!

Weird Tricks that Really Do Help You Fall Asleep

What are some helpful techniques you use to fall asleep?

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Defying Shadows Article: Facing Recovery After Hitting a Low Point

Growth and healing are a continuous process. While we may want our recovery journey to look linear, always progressing and improving, that is not what reality teaches us. Recovery, even when we see ourselves in great shape for long periods of time, sometimes come with low moments.
Learning how to accept sudden stumbling blocks can be discouraging, but those moments are what builds and crafts what recovery really looks like.

Link: Facing Recovery After Hitting a Low Point

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Start With Yourself

In this context of healing, you are progressing, letting go, moving on, and allowing yourself rest from constant mental turmoil. What does that look like for you? What do you need to come to terms with to allow the healing process to surface and take its course?

Say whatever is bothering your peace of mind out loud. Speak in order to establish the pain. Do not remain in denial or give excuses. What is it that bothers you the most?

When you put together the pain you feel into words affirm and declare something different. Speak in terms of what, why, and how in order to establish contact with the pain and negative thoughts.

What now? What do you need in order to let go? How will you take a step forward from that point of pain?

Start with yourself. Turn pain into peace. Establish peace in pain.

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Surviving the Holidays: Questions and Tactics to Navigating Your Mental Wellness (Defying Shadows)

For some, the holiday season is especially difficult to deal with. So, what does it mean to prioritize your mental health during this time of year?

Check out my Defying Shadows article where I explain and express some helpful tips for dealing with the holidays like asking yourself important questions, navigating the best tactics to stay mentally stable, and embracing boundaries!

Surviving the Holidays: Questions and Tactics to Navigating Your Mental Wellness

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Sparkytips: Know When to Move on

Original Photo: Move on

There is always a time when you will find that you have outgrown a space, when you aren’t growing anymore because you’ve learned enough and your perspective has changed from those around you.  

You are needed some place else.  People need what you can offer, but you can’t help unless you know when to move on from the places you are now.  You are meant to move and reach others in different spaces allowing you to grow as well as those you come in contact with.

Keep moving in your journey.  Don’t trap yourself.

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SparklyTips: Take Care of Yourself

In thinking and understanding what self-care means for you, its important to consider what you feel is important in taking care of yourself.

Think about what you value and why you value it.

If you value time with friends, then spend some time during the week to relax and chill with friends.  Make sure, however, that you are giving yourself time to do what you value and what you need to do t maintain sanity along side your responsibilities.  Carve out time to balance work and things you want to do.

If you value alone time with music or TV, carve out time just to relax, watch TV, Netflix, or Hulu, eat some popcorn and relax.  This time is more important then you think.   Give your body time to rest.


Whatever it is that you like to do, spent time doing it.  Singing, dancing, spending time with friends, eating out occasionally, are all important if you value doing it.

Make sure to eat right.

This is big because I know I don’t eat right. ¬†Make sure to eat at least three times a day. ¬†Have a balanced diet. ¬†Eating is very very important. ¬†Food gives you energy! Take vitamins too!


Along with food, you need sleep!  Without sleep you will not function as sufficiently as you want.  I know its difficult sometimes especially as a student or a worker, a mom, but get as much sleep as possible.  If you can, sleep at least 8 hours a night.

Save time to reflect about things that are happening.

Often times we are so caught up in life that we let life get ahead of us.  Take time to sit back and reflect on things that are happening around you.  What did that A on that text mean?  Or that C?  That conversation with mom was really deep.  Keep tabs on what is going on even if that means slowing down.  If you realize that you are loosing track of whats happening, its time to slow down and reflect.

**Also if you need help, please seek help! Its worth going out and speaking to someone you trust.  Talk to your best friend, a counselor,  a therapist, your mom, dad, anyone who you feel will help you maintain a mental and physical balance.

Oh! Don’t forget to go to the doctor!

Check ups help you to know that your body is doing okay. ¬†Stress is not good for the body, if you feel changes happening to you, time to visit the doctor! ¬†( I know, I don’t like it either)

Although this is not everything there is to say about self-care, these things are some important aspects you can consider when thinking about self-care.

Written in black marker on a pink piece of paper
Always take care of yourself. Taken from Google Images.
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SparklyTips: Self-Image

We are all different, we are all capable of whatever we choose to put our minds to!¬† Do not let anyone’s perceptions of themselves project onto you.

A hand with thumb nail painted teal holding teal nail polish with a polka dot top on a gray and orhanfe rug with three rings on the ground.
Holding Sparkly Teal Nail Polish and Rings. Original Image


  • Don’t let anyone’s judgements get to you or make you feel uncomfortable about yourself.¬† You know who you are and what you value.
  • Acknowledge that you may have things to work on in regards to self-value and worth so let those things be motivational points of reference.
  • Appreciate the things that stand you out.¬† Those things specify who you are.
  • Embrace how different you are.¬† The way you walk, communicate, and express yourself can only be done by you!