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Writing and Reflection Activities: Pencil Case Prompts, Exploring Comfort, and Learning Lessons


Finish these sentences:

I am moving past _________.

I am moving toward _______.

Let’s take steps forward together and affirm what we’re moving past and what we’re moving toward.

My Reflection

I’ll go first!

I am moving past shame, guilt, and self-limiting thoughts.

I am moving toward self-love, self-forgiveness, and accepting all parts of me.

What about you?

Let’s walk together 🤝💌.

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What does “comfort” feel like to you?

Whether we feel supported by those around us or in an environment where our needs are being met, the idea of comfort may look different for all of us.

What does comfort look and feel like to you? What makes you feel most comfortable?

My Reflection

For me I know comfort is directly related to how safe I feel in my environment. If I feel safe and supported by those around me, I’m able to access and navigate that environment more freely.

What about you?

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What is a lesson you’ve learned that you feel is valuable to share with others?

Is there a life lesson you’ve recently learned or learned over the years that you feel is valuable information that others in our Mighty community can benefit from?

My Reflection

A valuable lesson I’ve learned was that life isn’t a timeline that everyone has to fit into. It’s OK to go at your own pace and do what’s best for you. There is no need to compare your journey with others people’s journeys. We are all on our own path.

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