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#CheckInWithMe in The Pencil Case: Positivity, Snacks, and Self-Care

Comment below what snack represents what type of positivity and power boost you need this week from your self-care menu.

  1. Bravery Cupcake
  2. Cookies of Courage
  3. Fortune Cookie of Peace.
  4. Freshly Picked Fruit Basket of Support.
  5. Patient Chocolate Bar.
  6. Energy Flavored Ice Cream.
  7. Rainbow Candies of Rest.
  8. Confidence Boost Milkshake.
Feel free to choose as many snacks as you want!
I am in need of a fortune cookie of peace, energy flavored ice cream, and rainbow candies of rest.
Affirmation: I am powerful and use positivity to help me move forward.

Find this Check-In here in The Pencil Case on The Mighty.

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You Deserve to Love Yourself

Love yourself and everything about you. Fall in love with figuring out what you like and what makes you happy. Don’t allow people to bind you from loving who you are. Don’t hide your flaws or be embarrassed by mistakes you’ve made. Learn. Experience.

Look yourself in the face every morning and say today will be good.

You deserve love and there’s no better, more uplifting way to find love than to appreciate and value seeing yourself overcome and get past obstacles that has held you back for years.

Today will be different. You will take every moment and slow down. You will reflect and you will grow.

You don’t need validation or acceptance from anyone. You are more than enough so be comfortable with yourself.

You’re already doing great. Keep going. I believe in you.

You Deserve to Love Yourself

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SWT 100 Notes: Note 24

Being supportive and positive to yourself will go along way in your road to healing and recovering. There are moments whether mentally, physically, or emotionally ill where you just need kind words that will help you through the moment.

A troubled mind or moment won’t last forever and until you can tell that to yourself, struggling will feel like an eternity. Be good to yourself. Think and be encouraging. Speak recovery into the moment of the struggle and the struggle will pass you.

Be brave. That single moment of brave positivity will build your stamina and will catalyst healing.

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Mass Bulletin Board: 2017 in Review

January: Control
February: Perseverance and Confidence
March: Purpose
April: Self-Acceptance
May: Self-Care and Self-Appreciation
June: Talent and Creativity
July: Love
August: Moving Forward, Progression and Transformation
September: Empathy
October: Compassion and Kindness
November: Strength and Power
December: Endings, Beginnings, and Continuations

Building perspective is what builds character and what allows you to move to the realm of transformation. To understand others is to understand yourself in a community and as an individual. To understand control, perseverance, confidence, purpose, self-acceptance, self-care, self-appreciation, talent, creativity, love, moving forward, progression, empathy, compassion, kindness, strength, power, and what it means to continue, end and begin in order to transform into yourself. While you look into yourself, how you experience life, and what it means to build your identity in your individuality is to explore yourself in concepts and ideas. Who am I? What do I like? How do I love? How do I become better? How do I work on my mental health? How do I grow?
















Continue in your life, in your journey, and in your purpose. Being alive is a purpose in itself. Be yourself. Build yourself. Love yourself.