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SWT 100 Notes: Note 22

Intelligence is not associated with gender. How much work you put in schooling and success efforts in a career paths or interests is what makes you intelligent. Opening your perspective makes you intelligent. Being a woman does not make you less likely to be intelligent. I am intelligent because I pay attention and I care. Associating my intelligence with my gender is an insult to my hard work. I am as I am not what society labels me as.

**Note from January 14th.

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Bulletin Board June 2017: Talent and Creativity

               Talent and Creativity

June was about finding one’s talents, accepting one’s process and understanding that everyone has a talent. Talent is in no way cliche and creativity is in no way general. Both talent and creativity is specific to the individual associated with that talent using their creativity. Everyone has a talent as a way and manifestation of their life and circumstances. Discover your talent as you discover yourself. Continue to discover and accept that you have something to offer. Be out of the box. Show someone, somewhere, that they are not alone, that your talent is a reflection of how you cope and dealt with your circumstance. By you showing your talent, someone else can find theirs.

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One word that has the power to halt the existence of things that don’t need to exist.  Things that hurt, things that bother, things that harm, and things that blind.  Things that need to be extinct. Extinct in the ways that make you hate.

Enough of the drowning, and enough of the hopelessness.  Enough of the self-harm and the self-hate.  Enough of the vices, and the things that you surround yourself with that aren’t helping.  Enough of the pain.  The pain that is so comfortable, making itself at home.  Ingrained in the way you think and interact. Enough.  Enough of the toxicity in your life.  The people.  The places.  The ideas.  Let go of those things that are killing you from the inside.

You don’t need a new year to start or an occasion to do something different.  You don’t need someone to tell you to stop.


Enough of postponing yourself for the betterment and comfort of someone else.

Today, right now.  Make something change.  The way you see yourself, the way you handle situations that are not productive.

In one moment you can say enough and in that moment you’ve set yourself loose.  You’re starting again from the point where pain started taking over.


You did it.