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The Pencil Case: Are you Highly Sensitive, too?

My Story

Sometimes the world around me is a lot to process — noises are too loud, lights too bright and my thoughts often fall down a never-ending spiral. I care deeply for the people around me and wish I could do more. It’s like I’m an emotional sponge.

I’m no stranger to feeling overwhelmed and I catch myself retreating in order to feel better again. I regain my energy with creativity and love to reflect so I can better understand myself and others. My brain likes looking at the bigger picture but does so through subtleties. I see patterns and small details and my favorite questions are “why?” and “how?”

However, being highly sensitive has made me susceptible to scrutiny and criticism. I’m often “too much” or “too deep” for the liking of some people. I remember once being told, “You make things too difficult and complex and would benefit from being more simple.” That isn’t who I am though, and I shouldn’t be ashamed of how sensitive I am. It’s taken me some time to fully understand and accept my emotional nature and to perceive it as an ability instead of a burden.

While feeling deeply is no walk in the park, I am proud of how far I’ve come in my journey of self-love. But I know I still have so much more to learn. If you are a highly sensitive person like me, know that you are not alone. No matter what, you are not “too much” and I’m happy to walk this journey with you..

What are your experiences like as a highly sensitive person?

Can You Relate? Let’s Reflect!

To my highly sensitive people, we are in this together.
No matter what, you are not “too much” and I’m happy to walk this sensitivity journey with you. If you find yourself overwhelmed or overstimulated check out these reflective guided questions, they’ve helped me navigate my sensitivities:
  • How are you feeling?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, or overstimulated? Where and when do you feel this way?
  • Are you overextending your energy?
  • When was the last time you took a break?
  • Do you need time alone?
  • What places help you feel safe?
  • What are your triggers and how can you manage them?
  • What is in your control?
  • What are your needs? How can you prioritize your needs better?
  • What are your limits? What are you okay/not okay with?
  • Do you need to write down your thoughts or talk them out?
  • Who can you ask for help?

Join this conversation here in The Pencil Case on The Mighty, or comment on this post!

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Bulletin: Protect Your Energy

What is it To Protect Yourself

Whether you are highly sensitive, vulnerable to energies, have a high sense of intuition, or are big on healing/helping others it is especially important to be grounded in your independence, boundaries, and sense of self. While it’s easy to believe you have the ability to change or alter how someone thinks or approaches life, it is not true that you can help/fix everyone you come in contact with.

There are times where your kindness will be taken for weakness making you susceptible to getting hurt by someone who does not have your best interest at heart. In order to become clear of your stance in any relationship without being manipulated, make sure to set clear and solid boundaries (and stick to them), know and become comfortable with yourself (whether its what you like, dislike, or are uncomfortable with), and be smart about your comfort level. While we pride ourselves in being open books, sometimes it takes getting to know someone before exposing real information about ourselves. Being patient will play a huge role in this process.

How to Put Yourself First

Growth, self-improvement, peace, and patience can motivate you to protect yourself and your mental stability. You and your energy are important.

Practice self-care, self-awareness, compassion, empathy, and critical thinking in order to build a higher sense of self and safety. Take the time out to understand what is happening in a situation before immersing your entire self in it. Your body and intuition will tell you when something is not right. Listen to it. We might get excited about what something could be instead of what it actually is and before we know it we are not where we thought we would be.

Love yourself enough to take your time, talk things through, and say no when necessary. You are responsible for yourself and what you allow. What are your standards?

Next Steps and Questions

As you come in contact with new people ask yourself critical questions in order to get a firm footing in what you actually want out of that interaction. We may like to think of ourselves as void of wanting something specific, but we must ask ourselves what is our motive. We may be in difficult spots in our lives and before we take care of ourselves we take pride in taking care of others. We tend to look for things to fix instead of looking inward for healing.

Where are we in our lives? Do we need a break? How am I feeling? What do I want? How am I coming off to others? Am I practicing self-care?

Become self-aware in yourself and in turn you can protect yourself and your sensitivities.

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SWT 100 Notes: Note 10

Note 10:

Pulling back from giving 100%. Pulling back from helping and empathizing. Pulling back to save myself, to save my energy. From doing everything. I’m pulling back because I see and I feel too much. I hope too much, I love too much. I pull back because I care…too much. I’m tired so I have to pull back. I can feel it, pulling myself back. It’s really uncomfortable, but in order to not panic or stress out from overexerting myself, I pull back. 

Motivation for this post: