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WarZone Quote: You Will Always Have a Choice


Don’t unpack your bags in a place that will harm your progress and make you feel like you don’t deserve better.  Settling in dangerous territory will only open your wombs and create chaos in your mind. Better is always and will always be an option.  Staying in toxic places and situations is a step backwards.  Move forward in your already achieved progress.  Don’t put your things down until you know its for your betterment.

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Let Love in Again 

I see how hurt changed you and made you block happiness from coming in. I see how your mannerisms have shifted and how you act like nothing will ever be different. But you see, something good will happen and it will be just for you. Let it in when it does. Pain and hurt shouldn’t last forever. Letting it persist is a choice. Whatever it is, whatever has happened, whatever they did, let it go, don’t blame or push away good that’s coming to you. You have to be happy. You have to let the opportunity in, for your sake. You need to set yourself free from that misery.  Let love in. Let it help you feel again.

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Excerpt From my “Blood Honesty” Portion of SWT Writing Therapy



So I’m in the process of adding a new portion of SWT writing called “Blood Honesty.” This will be a collection of therapy writing, creative writing pieces and reflections that helps me recall memories that has come up over and over. I relate how these memories have boiled into hurt and how I operate with people. This writing will be in my next book project “Writing to Heal: Power of Written Word.”

This is an excerpt from a Blood Honesty post that I wrote on November 27th:

The concept of love is so underrated, mixed and confused with all emotions felt by people. But love, real love, unconditional love felt by someone that doesn’t have to love you is deep, its true, and its the most genuine of human emotion and character.  When real love happens, when you see it unravel in the ways that it works wholeheartedly is profound, complicated, confusing, and impossibly possible (now you know why people cling to the trope and figure of Jesus Christ). It’s this idea that makes people want to live longer.  It’s this concept of love despite the fear of disappointment and inevitable death that keeps and makes peace and inclusivity possible.  The absence of love causes mental health issues and division, just like the absence of light is darkness and loneliness.  Conditional love (masked emotional confusions and uncertainty ), the love that is so commonly mistaken for unconditional love (genuine love) is what we don’t know how to feel or what to do when we feel it (unless its from a parent or guardian to a child which can still have complication).  How crazy it sounds that this can be felt by us, by people, especially people who are different, is what we need (and what is taught in every central religion essentially) that people don’t understand and cant contemplate. We need this love toward each other, everyone, not just people who are like us or share similar ideological, political, or religious views.  We need love despite what separates us and what makes us distant from one another. We need love.  Unconditional love.


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Beauty Week Challenge 

I challenge you to think about who you are this week. Think about what you like to do, who you like to be around, and what you find interesting. Think about your favorite color and animal. Think about what you love about yourself and write it down or type it somewhere. Write what makes you different and unique. Write down what you hate and what you look forward to. Write about your break ups and what you learned. Write about significant events and how they shaped who you are. I challenge you to write through your beauty. Find and own your beauty.

Share and comment below some things you’ve written or thought about! Beauty week is about understanding who you are and want to be.

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From Now On…

Please love yourself today, and everyday after.  Find value in who you are and strength in your own character.  Talk positive about your body and your life.  Nothing will ever be what we want ideally, but its what we have.  Appreciate the opportunity of life, relationships, and love.

Appreciate all that you have gone through and don’t be scared of the future to come, the stuff thats ahead.  

Be happy.  Smile. Be brave. Be honest with yourself.  Change things you don’t like.  Don’t give anyone your happiness and work on your own masterpiece.  The interaction between your heart and your mind.  Peace of mind.  Peace of heart. Peace of body. Peace of soul.

Work to focus on yourself and keep your eyes on internal growth and prosperity.  Keep calm and keep forward.  Don’t live in the past or worry about the future. 

Work is due today, right now on your happiness and self-appreciation.  

You are needed.

You are wanted.

You are important.

You are powerful.

You are an individual.

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31 Women Stated Why They are Beautiful and Why They Love Themselves

Sparkly War Tanks in Blue in the middle of a poster board with 31 quotes around the white poster stating why women feel they are beautiful in small letters followed by the phrases "I am beautiful because" and "I love myself because"
SparklyWarTanks Poster. Original Image.
  1. I love myself because I’m resilient and powerful.
  2. I am beautiful because I am not afraid to fail.
  3. I’m beautiful because I’m not afraid to take strategic risks.
  4. I love me because I’m smart.
  5. I love myself because I can see the optimism in everything.
  6. I am beautiful because I am not ashamed of my natural hair. I wear my hair as my crown.  I am a queen!
  7. I am beautiful because I am strong.
  8. I am beautiful because my whip game is fire!!!
  9. I am beautiful because of my personality.
  10. I love myself because I make my own happiness.
  11. I love me because God made me.
  12. I love me because I’m flawless.
  13. I love me because I am determined to achieve my highest goals.
  14. I am beautiful because I am loved by God.
  15. I am beautiful because there is no one else like me.
  16. I AM beautiful because I BELIEVE I am.
  17. I work my butt off for everything I love!
  18. I love me because it took a long time and a lot of effort for me to get to a place where I understood that I am exactly who I’m supposed to be for the purpose that is in me.
  19. I am beautiful because of my kind heart.
  20. I am beautiful because God made me this way.
  21. I am beautiful because I am happy.
  22. I am beautiful because He made me unique and gave me ministries to help me set the bond free.
  23. I am beautiful because I won’t let me age- 50+ gasp!- dictate what I can do or how I can behave or what I can be interested in.
  24. I am beautiful because beauty is subjective do why not.
  25. I love my face, my hair, my personality, my vibe, my swag, my me. I mean why  wouldn’t I love me! I’m me!
  26. I love me because God is transforming me into a woman of importance, passion, and value.
  27. I am beautiful because I am a mom.
  28. I am beautiful because I love my flaws.
  29. I am beautiful because I know my worth.
  30. I am beautiful because life is too short to think otherwise!
  31. I love myself because there’s only one me, just like there’s one you. We are all unique.
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Take care of Yourself, You are your Most Prized Possession

Loving yourself and appreciating who you are also comes with taking care of yourself.  Often times we may forget, in the mist of all of our obligations and responsibilities, that we need to take care of ourselves too.  We can’t function and be who we are if we are not healthy and well mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It may seem unimportant to simply have time to ourselves, sleep in once in a while, go out and have fun, but it’s as important as taking showers and brushing our teeth!  All of these things are necessary in order to maintain sanity and appreciate the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night.  Sometimes we need to take two seconds and reflect on everything that is going on around us.  Stepping back and reflecting allows us to process and take in situations and experiences.  If we are always on the go, if we are always running, we become overwhelmed and tired, we may even see ourselves loosing motivation and happiness.  We don’t want to lose reasons to wake up and see worth in every day!

Let’s take care of ourselves!

You can't pour from an empty cup, Take care of yourself first in black with an empty coffee mug in a wite plate with a spoon on it..
You can’t pour from an empty cup. Tumblr image