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I Deserve…

In celebration of my recent birthday I’m walking into this year with an open mind and heart to receive. I’m deserving of good things and good things flow to me effortlessly. 

I deserve….

Peace of mind.
Love in abundance. 
To laugh. 
Consistency in my relationships with others. 
To eat full meals every day. 
To wake up with energy. 
Breaks and rest. 
To sleep 8 -10 hours. 
To learn new things. 
To have positive experiences. 
To heal my nervous system.
A healthy and healing partnership.
To receive what I desire. 

I deserve to feel good being who I am. I am proud of myself and move forward knowing how much I’ve achieved, especially in the past 10 years. It hasn’t always been easy, and that’s OK. I can make it through every time. 

I celebrate myself.
I’ve made it this far.

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