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More April Writing Prompts and Reflections: Finding Your Happy Place and Lesson Learning


What does your “happy place” look like?

If someone told you to mentally visualize a “calm and happy place” in your mind, what would that place look like?

One of the practices that’s helps me over the years — especially in times of overwhelm, or even when I started practicing mindfulness — is visualization. When I want to create a safe space for myself, it’s been helpful for me to mentally craft what that place would look like in my mind.

My Reflection

My “calm and happy place” is walking through a nice green field with flowers on a sunny day. In the distance I can see a stream and a large tree where butterflies are slowly fluttering around.

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What’s a lesson you’re learning this year?

My Reflection

This year has been a doozy for me in terms of learning lessons and considering/prioritizing my needs. Sometimes it would be great to just get a break 😅.

A lesson I’m learning so far in 2023 is that it’s OK to put myself first even when I feel guilty, this includes asking for help or standing up for myself and staying true to my boundaries.

What are you learning these days?

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