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Mighty Reflections: Things that Matter, Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Building Self-Confidence


What matters to you the most right now?

For today’s reflection prompt, let’s think about the things we find important.

My Reflection

Here is my list:

🧠 My mental health
🧘 My peace of mind
👪 Family and friends
💕 Spreading love to others
🦋 Taking one moment at a time
💵 Paying attention to my finances
🌹Healing my inner child and going to therapy
🥙🚰 Making sure I’m eating enough and drinking water
❤️ My Mighty work!

What’s on your list?

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What’s one thing you can do outside your comfort zone that will benefit you in your health journey this month? 

My Reflection

As I walk in my recovery journey, I often find myself at a crossroads with my comfort zone. On one hand, I find myself choosing what’s most familiar to me because it easier to access, but on the other hand I know that change and new habits can benefit my growth, especially when it comes to self-care and consistency 🤔.

Something I’m trying that I know will benefit me and my mental health —and is out of my comfort zone — is reaching out and talking to someone when I catch myself overthinking. It’s so easy for me to go hours feeling overwhelmed when I know it would be helpful to talk out my concerns with someone else.

What about you? What can you do outside your comfort zone that will benefit your journey?

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What helps you boost your self-confidence when you’re feeling down? 

My Reflection

March felt like such a long month for me 😩. My thoughts have been racing for the longest time. I think it’s time for me to prioritize some self-care that’ll boost my self-confidence. 

What usually helps me the most is getting my eyebrows done, getting dressed up, and taking myself out on a solo date. I’ll make sure to add that to my to-do list right away 📆✍️.

What about you? What do you do to help boost your self-confidence? 

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