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Pencil Case Prompts: Free Write


In the comments below, your own Pencil Case post, or in a personal journal, take a minute or two to just write. You can jot down a poem, a note, a reminder to yourself; share about something you created or an experience you’ve had recently; write some words of encouragement, a challenge you’ve been having, or a goal that you have.

My Reflection

My free write will be a list of affirmations and encouraging words to myself:

✅ My feelings are valid.
🌸 I can trust my intuition. What I’m experiencing is real.
🌎 I can create possibilities even when my mind is telling me some things are impossible.
❤️ I deserve positive experiences.
🦋  I’m worthy of all things good.
☀️ Just because something hasn’t happened for me doesn’t mean it’ll never happen.
🔥I’m powerful.

Also find this prompt in The Pencil Case here on

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