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Mid-week Encouragement Check-in and Proud Moment Reflections


Mid-week Encouragement Rest Stop: Supportive and Motivational Messages

Write an encouraging or motivational message in the comments below for yourself or someone who may need support today. 🌱💌

My Message!

Take your time and rest if you need to. You are doing what you can right now. I’m proud of you ❤️.

You can find this post in The Pencil Case on The Mighty here.


Finish this sentence: My proudest moment was when __________.

Think of a moment in your life when you felt the proudest you’ve ever been. What moment comes to mind?

My Reflection

My proudest moment was when I graduated college even after experiencing the lowest I’ve ever been with my mental health. I strived to get that degree and I got it WITH magna cum laude honors AND distinction in the writing program 💃. I did that!

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