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Roots to Leaflets/From Roots to Mighty Leaflets: A Reflective Exercise

From May to July, I’ve hosted a few virtual events centered around the theme of goals and goal creation. “Roots to Leaflets” or “From to Mighty Leaflets”, two names that were given to this activity, allows us to visualize and articulate our goals and growth using the image of a tree. 

What makes goals and the representation of a tree suitable for this reflective exercise? Let’s dive into how to create growth cycle trees.

Yes, goals are what drive our ambitions — but they can also be the reason why we procrastinate or become intimidated by the possibilities of our future selves. How can we create goals that help us feel good and motivate us to notice our growth?

A tree has three main parts: the roots, the trunk, and the leaves. Each part of the tree, however you draw or collage it, will represent a different part of the goal and growth process. Check out the example below.

Drawing of Nina's

Here is how you can draw your tree using guided questions:

The roots represent your goals. What do you want to accomplish? What makes you feel good? You can also include habits you want to take up or routines that’ll help you feel more refreshed.

The trunk represents your needs. What do you need to do on a daily basis that helps you feel good? What do you need in order to accomplish a particular goal?

The leaves represent your accomplishments. What have you done lately that made you smile and feel proud?

No matter how big or small your goals, needs or successes are — whatever you accomplish is worthy of celebration.

Note: You can create your trees however you envision. Your trees are a reflection of you!

Make your own tree and share it with me! Here is my Mighty group The Pencil Case or Instagram page.

Here is my tree!

From the water running through the soil to the fruits growing alongside the leaves, I’m proud of my growth and accomplishments. Using my goals and needs I can continue to work toward achieving all I know I can achieve.

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