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It’s Okay to Try

It’s okay to be intentional with what you do. Continue to try even when you feel stuck, lost, or unmotivated.

When you find yourself slipping into negative thought patterns, fear, hesitation, procrastination, or overthinking, stop for a second and create a positive/helpful intention for yourself. Whether this be a simple affirmation: “I am safe,” or a plan of action: “I will drink some water and reach out to my friend today,” creating pockets of reassurance and abundance can help move you out of spaces of lack and stagnancy.

Light your own path as you continue to work through the challenges of every day. Build peace within yourself by taking advantage of every moment. You are in control. Be in control.

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What Is For You Is Already Yours.

Divine timing teaches us that the version of ourselves that we are now is not yet aligned with the potential, power, and magnitude of what we’ve been asking for and know is ours. At this time we must work on ourselves. Work on our growth, our doubt, our shadow, and our thoughts. It’s time to walk in abundance, gratitude, and clarity understanding that what we manifest we will receive. Claim what is ours with confidence.

That career that you want is yours, that relationship that you deserve with the person you love is yours, that house, that car, that wealth, that peace of mind, that healing, that health, that relief is yours! Listen to yourself, you know what is yours. You know what you need. Start doing the work. You can be the version of yourself that receives what you’re manifesting. Are you ready for it? Start to progress toward what is yours.

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Defying Shadows Article: Perfectionism, PTSD, and How I’m Learning to Overcome the Hustle Mentality

The hustle mentality for me is driven by a desire for financial freedom and emotional wellness. The flaws in my hustle mentality, however, are rooted in “destination addiction” constantly feeling as though satisfaction is achieved in something I don’t have yet. Because I’m always working for something greater and better than my last accomplishment, I also find myself lost in perfectionism.

Article Link: Perfectionism, PTSD, and How I’m Learning to Overcome the Hustle Mentality

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Defying Shadows: The Dangers of Being Too Busy

“…While our daily schedules influence and prompt us to prioritize work-related tasks, it becomes difficult to slow down and also include self-care habits and routines that are important, too.

When much of our time is dedicated to working, when do we incorporate self-care and breaks into our daily schedule? How do we know when to effectively manage our time so we are not forced to take a break because of burnout?

Article Link: The Dangers of Being Too Busy

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8-Day Reflection Card Series Day 7

What are you overcoming? What are you resolving within yourself? Is there any progress in parts of you that you wish to improve? What does that progress look like?

In overcoming obstacles or challenges, it’s important to be gentle with yourself and the process. Relief will follow the more comfortable you become with the discomfort of change. Overcoming is the continuous work that comes with adjusting to growth.

Reflection: Of the major obstacles I work on daily, building my self-esteem, improving in confidence, and establishing that I’m important are the top three. I’m constantly working on and overcoming the urge to isolate myself because of these obstacles and I’ve come so far!

Goal: Getting to a place where I don’t hold myself back in any way. I want to be able to exert confidence in a way that reveals the power I know I have.

You can find this reflection card on my Mighty page here.

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8-Day Reflection Card Series Day 3

What is something you are working on in terms of feeling fulfilled?

One of the greatest feelings is knowing you are continuously working toward something. Whether professionally or personally, feeling and doing your best is important.

Now that we’ve reflected on struggles vs. things we’re good at that can help us cope, what do we want to work on? What are our next steps to getting to a place where we want to be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.?


Working on finding worth and value in myself is my main goal for this year. Whether it’s being proud of myself or not taking it personally when things don’t work out the way I planned, I will still know that I have value and worth.

The more I see myself as worthy of success and peace, the easier it will be to realize my intrinsic value.

Affirmation: I am filled with value and worth. I accept and love myself.

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What You Manifest is What You Recieve

What you see for yourself, what you say to yourself, and what you speak out loud is what will come to existence. While noticing and accepting the power of manifestation, you are able to see the life, body, and mental stability you are exuding. The more negativity and doubt you spew into manifestation the likelihood of it happening will increase. Practice patience and understanding in order to receive and reap the benefits of your desires and wants.

Success is a state of mind in manifestation. You are already successful. Desiring more than your current state is only a matter of persistence and work. What you say you can do, you are already doing. You are working toward a goal, an anticipated manifestation.

Become more of what you want without the doubts that come with obstacles. The path that is created based on the work you are putting in, is what is being manifested to you. Sometimes it may not look exactly how you planned, but it is exactly what you need.

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Subduing the Mental Bully: Creating a Positive and Workable Self-Talk


What is Self-Talk?

How often do you think about the ways you speak to yourself? When faced with an unfortunate circumstance, a setback, challenge, or difficult moment how do you respond or reflect on it? How can you become more active in managing or controlling your mental approach to hardships, triggers, or difficulties? The daily dialogues you have with yourself are the most powerful steps in improving your mental well being. Changing how you speak, manifest, affirm or declare ideas and reflections have the potential to alter how you view and approach negativity. Therefore, as we debate, struggle, or even celebrate mentally, self-talk is how we are processing what goes on around us. What is self-talk?

Self-talk is reflective of how we see ourselves in our circumstances. If we feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or depressed, those feelings will continue to overcome us until we get a hold of a more positive and workable view of our current state. How do we flip a negative self-image or view to a workable one?

The Toxic Perfectionist

When first introduced to the phrase “self-talk,” I sat anxiously in a counselor’s office while in college. Unaware of how self-talk affected my daily activities; the ways I spoke about myself reflected my daily thoughts. Quickly noticing the pattern, my counselor intervened every time I bullied my academic and personal progress. She showed me how my language and self-talk sabotaged my mental health. Instead of being proud of my achievements I would comment with phrases such as “I need to do better,” “That’s just who I am,” ” I’m failing,” I’m not good enough,””I have too much to do, but I feel like I can’t do it,” what’s wrong with me?” “I have to finish,” I have to fix myself.”

The more negativity I fed myself, the more I was unable to see a workable view of my anxious and depressive thoughts. My anxiety and depression continued to build because of the continuous negative self-talk I grew up maintaining. I fed my urge to remain the best; I pushed myself past my limits, forced myself to finish everything, added more than I needed to most of the time, and did not accept any grades under an A-. I was a toxic perfectionist.

The Switch

Now that I’m aware of the dangers of negative self-talk, I work more diligently and actively to flip, switch, and change how I approach overwhelming situations. I think twice about how I view working, writing, and accepting new opportunities (since I’m no longer in school). I make sure I’m being more gentle and kind to myself in general as well. In order to maintain an approachable and more workable stance to challenges, I am changing how I see myself in each moment. I see myself in power and not in defeat. I see what I can do instead of what I can’t.

Here are some ways you too can switch up and subdue your mental bully by changing phrases you may think of everyday:

Try to manipulate and change your mental language in order to further improve your mental health for yourself too. What are some phrases you can change to better approach a difficult or challenging situation? How can you control or manage the situation better by the ways you think and see yourself in it? What does your self-talk look like now that you are switching it up?