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Write an encouraging message to your younger self. 


Write an encouraging message to your younger self. 

If you could go back in time, what messages would you tell your younger self? What advice, reminders or positive words about mental health, self-care and self-love do you think would be helpful for your younger self to hear?

My Reflection

Here is my message to my younger self: 

Dear Little Me, 

I love you just the way you are. 
You are enough.
You are not too much or too different.  
You are beautiful and worthy of so much love.
You are healing. 
You are growing, it’s okay to make mistakes.
You are smart and creative.  
I’m so proud of you. 

Bigger Me

Feel free to share your message in the comments!

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The Emotionally Strong

What are your emotions revealing about you? How can you listen to your emotional responses without reacting irrationally or dramatically?

To build and utilize your emotions as a way to understand your trauma and triggers, allow yourself to feel, followed by methods of introspection. Ask yourself why. The more you become in tune with your responses, the more apparent your next steps will be.

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