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Pencil Case Prompts: Goals Help Us Feel Good

When we think of goals, we may sometimes think of big and complex ambitions or what we can work toward to be successful and make something of ourselves. Although this is a part of what can make a goal “feel fulfilling”, its not the only way to view, create, or approach goal setting. Goals are what we make of them. A goal can be simple, complex, big, small, intentional, unintentional, noticeable, or unnoticeable; goals are what help us to feel good about who we are.
Washing the dishes, brushing our teeth, watering our garden, drinking more water, getting out of bed, and even reflecting are also goals we can set and achieve daily. Whatever helps us feel refreshed, fulfilled, satisfied, and accomplished are goals we unknowingly achieve on a day to day basis.


What self-care practice, routine, or habit can you do daily to help you feel fulfilled, satisfied, and accomplished?
Why are these activities or gestures important?

My Reflection

Four things I do daily that helps me feel accomplished and refreshed are:
1. Watering my plant.
2. Eating fruit.
3. Reflecting and writing.
4. Brainstorming creative ideas.
These gestures and activities help me to understand myself better and allow me to be gentle with my day to day expectations of myself. These goals help me to feel a sense of accomplishment through simplicity.

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