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Mighty Reflection Prompts: #CheckInWithMe Changes, Improvements and Self-Esteem


What is one thing you want to change, improve, or do more of this year?

My Reflection

Ever since this year started, I’ve been on a mission to prioritize what’s best for me. From the
opportunities I’m accepting to what I’m eating and who I’m interacting with, I’m checking in with myself daily to make sure what I’m doing is a reflection of what I want and deserve. 

In that process, I’ve  thought a lot about what I need more of and what I want to improve. One major thing I know I want/need more of (because It’s almost nonexistent in my life) is having fun and defining what fun looks like for me. I want to spend more time doing things I enjoy!

What about you? Is there anything you want to change, improve, or do more of this year? 

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Reflection prompt shared with me by xokat and graphic created by me.


Finish this sentence: 
I like to boost my self-esteem by ________.

My Reflection

Building my self-esteem  is an ongoing journey I work on regularly. On that journey I’ve learned different ways to help myself feel better especially when my mental health isn’t great and I’m feeling depressed, sad or self-critical of what I’ve achieved so far in my life.  

I particularly like to boost my self-esteem by doing a combination of these three things: 
1. Repeating this affirmation, “I am doing my best and my best is enough.”
2. Going to get my eyebrows done and buying myself something nice (when it’s in my budget). 
3. Writing on my blog about something I’ve overcome or accomplished that I’m most proud of.   

What about you? How do you boost your self-esteem?

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Pencil Case Prompts: Animals and Affirmations Setting Positive Intentions for the Week Ahead


What’s the first animal that catches your eye in the image above? Check the affirmation box to see what affirmation goes with that animal. That affirmation is your positive intention for the week ahead!

List of animals with their affirmations: 

The Fox 🦊- I am enough just the way that I am. 

The Dove 🕊️- I am allowed to take breaks and prioritize my self-care. 

The Lion 🦁- I am powerful, brave and courageous. 

The Eagle 🦅-  It’s okay to feel my feelings. My feelings are valid.  

The Bunny 🐇: I am proud of myself and my progress. I am continuously learning and growing. 

Bonus: What is one goal you want to set this week?

My Reflection

My animal is the lion 🦁 and my affirmation is “I am powerful, brave, and courageous.” My goal for the week is to make sure that I’m getting a good amount of sleep every night 🌙.

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The Cycle Breaker’s Affirmation

If you’re like me and resonate with the experiences of a cycle breaker I want to extend love and light your way. It’s definitely not easy trying to change patterns you’ve been accustomed and conditioned to accepting since a young age. It’s also not easy feeling different and out of place in spaces where you expect to feel welcomed. I see you and I understand. We got this!

Let’s practice this affirmation together:

I am continuously healing generational and historical trauma. I prioritize my health and wellness and set a new example for future generations. I stand up for myself, do what’s best for me and check-in with myself daily. I am dedicated to my growth and will change the landscape of my conditioned thoughts, habits, and behaviors. I am in charge of my future and I craft my reality. I take on each challenge with grace and self-compassion and know how to set boundaries with myself and others. I live a fulfilling life and love all parts of who I am. I am ready to take on each day and continue to learn every step of the way. I attract love and peace because love and peace is all around me.

Let’s be the change we want to see.

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It’s Okay to Try

It’s okay to be intentional with what you do. Continue to try even when you feel stuck, lost, or unmotivated.

When you find yourself slipping into negative thought patterns, fear, hesitation, procrastination, or overthinking, stop for a second and create a positive/helpful intention for yourself. Whether this be a simple affirmation: “I am safe,” or a plan of action: “I will drink some water and reach out to my friend today,” creating pockets of reassurance and abundance can help move you out of spaces of lack and stagnancy.

Light your own path as you continue to work through the challenges of every day. Build peace within yourself by taking advantage of every moment. You are in control. Be in control.

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What Is Your Body Telling You?

Want to know how to feel your emotions and grow in self-awareness?

Start by understanding how your emotions feel in your body. Do you feel anxiety or fear in your stomach? Maybe stress as headaches or body fatigue? Identify the body sensation with the emotion that goes with it. Listen to what your body is telling you and learn how to honor your body’s needs.

What is your body telling you today?

My body is telling me to slow down and not push myself too hard. My body is also telling me to work on my insomnia and get more rest.

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Break Toxic Cycles

Notice patterns and habits that you pick up from parents, guardians, or family members. The awareness that your behavior resembles that of those who raised you can aid in understanding who you want to be. Some of those behaviors are toxic cycles being passed down through generations. Do you want to continue those cycles and behaviors? It’s okay to go on your own path and do something different. It’s okay to break cycles you no longer want to continue either with yourself or how you raise your own family. Change the course of your life. Break cycles that don’t serve you and your growth.

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Meditation and Sleep Music Playlist

A few months ago I began meditating regularly. On that journey I made a playlist of my favorite frequency videos that’s helped with focus, concentration, sleep, and anxiety.

I wanted to share with you guys! Click the link below for the playlist on my YouTube channel. I also add to this playlist regularly.

Meditation and Sleep Music Playlist

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The Love I Seek is Also Seeking Me

Is anyone else as exhausted as I am?

The more I reflect, the more I realize how much energy it’s taking to process the grief that’s these past three years has weighed on my body, my heart, and my spirit. And even though I push past every time, I’m still tired.

Is anyone else like me? Where navigating the World is overwhelming some days. Where I try my best, but still it’s hard not to compare my life to others. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live life as if I was another?

Where you asks the questions that don’t matter, but still blossom into ruminating thoughts. Like, will they accept me? Or, Can someone love me, too? Maybe, will I ever really feel free to be myself, 100% myself, without worrying that I’m too weird or different for the eyes that witness me? Perhaps it’s the sicknesses that plague my body that dictate my fate after all?

Who can love me, too? I ask myself as I wake up in an anxious puddle of sweat dripping down my burdened shoulders.

Maybe, just maybe it’s possible. The love. The acceptance. The bliss of freedom to be myself without fear.

I ask the universe to allow me that freedom.
Right now, I manifest that freedom. I am free from the drought of shame, grief, and guit. I am worthy of the love I seek because it seeks me too. I am ready to receive.

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Take a moment to breathe with me.

Inhale for the count of three through your nose, and exhale for another count of three through your mouth.

Release the stress in your body and relax your muscles.

Check-in with yourself today, okay? You deserve peace and good things too.

Sending love and positive energy your way.