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Defying Shadows Article: Venturing the Communication Barrier When it Comes to Helping Someone With Depression

Do you ever get stuck when trying to help someone with depression? Do you find that some things you say may hurt the person who is struggling with their mental health? What are phrases to avoid when communicating with someone with depression? What are some helpful gestures and phrases?

Visit my Defying Shadows article to see some tips and helpful insight when it comes to helping someone who struggles with depression!

Venturing the Communication Barrier When it Comes to Helping Someone With Depression

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The Mighty and SparklyWarTanks Presents “Storytime”

Time for round 2! I will be hosting my second Mighty and Sparkly event in New York City!


We all have a story to tell that needs to be heard. We have a voice that needs to speak.

Storytime is an open, creative, and safe space where we will tell our stories unafraid and unapologetically. As we open up and express what we’ve experienced in our mental health journey, we will reflect on our transformation and growth.

You will have 5 to 7 minutes each to pick an important moment or memory you have in your mental health journey. To supplement your individual storytime, you can bring an important artifact/healing tool (drawing, writing piece, notebook, sculpture, part of a song, creative creation, helpful website etc.) that has helped shaped that moment for you.
As you reflect, don’t forget to be gentle with your journey.


Date: February 17, 2019

Time: 12 pm – 3 pm

Address: 38-12 30th Street Long Island City Queens 11101

If you are interested or in New York send me a message, rsvp on The Mighty, or simply click “going” on the Facebook page.

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Surviving the Holidays: Questions and Tactics to Navigating Your Mental Wellness (Defying Shadows)

For some, the holiday season is especially difficult to deal with. So, what does it mean to prioritize your mental health during this time of year?

Check out my Defying Shadows article where I explain and express some helpful tips for dealing with the holidays like asking yourself important questions, navigating the best tactics to stay mentally stable, and embracing boundaries!

Surviving the Holidays: Questions and Tactics to Navigating Your Mental Wellness

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BayArt Article: When My Depression Silences Me

Author in the shadows
Silenced in the Shadow

The Cycle of Depressive Silence

It’s been some time since I’ve seen symptoms of my depression. Recently, however, I couldn’t help but notice the old cycles of those symptoms reoccurring and reappearing. I’m sleeping for longer hours, isolating myself, feeling a great sense of irritation and hopelessness and lastly losing my sense of communication.

Since I was young, maybe in my middle school to early high school days, I would go days without speaking to anyone. In those moments I would feel mentally and physically numb. Life would feel like a distant distraction. I didn’t know how to tell others I was struggling, so I stood silent. As I walked around like a lifeless zombie, I was unable to express myself in ways that I usually could. I was silent and unable to speak. Those moments of silence my brain convinced me that I was exaggerating and should suffer in silence. I locked myself up and silently cry.

In other moments, ones that are relatively recent to the past two months, I would even be around people that I love and still have a depressive episode while out in public. Those moments are filled with tears and a closed mouth, onlooking eyes, and judgmental stares of confusion. One thought, one memory, one sense of loneliness can lead to an explosive moment of overwhelming grief. And all I can think about is why. My logical mind is criticizing my reaction while my depression is flooding my mind with thoughts, ideas, and scenarios that are unreasonable and silly. I’m now unable to communicate so instead I push the ones around me away in embarrassment while I run away silenced by my own mental turmoil. What’s wrong with me?

Ending the Silence of Depression

While this phenomenon of silence is not new, I’m doing a better job at noticing the culmination of ideas and thoughts that might lead up to it. In hopes to overcome this reaction, I will communicate more with those that listen to my silent cries and hints. I will talk, ask for help, demand better for myself, and not allow myself to be silenced by my own depressive tendencies.

Depression has a sneaky way of convincing you that your life does not matter and in order to fight those moments of hopelessness, you must have a greater mental toughness to push past those thoughts. Some thoughts might be subtle and sudden, others might linger, but you must always convince yourself that you are a life worth living and listening to. Do not silence yourself in hopes to spare someone else’s irritation or lack of care. There are people who care for you and your well being. Find those people and know who they are.

While I continue to learn through my depression in hopes of overcoming it, I send out good vibes and hope to those who suffer in silence. Don’t silence yourself anymore. Your voice is essential and your life even more so. Fight for your right to be heard through your struggle. Fight for your life because you belong here

Find article in link below:

When My Depression Silences Me