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To Whoever Reads This…1/6/2016

Things take time.  I learned that today.  No matter the circumstance, the situation, your ability, inability, your doubts, self-esteem, everything has its own process to go through no matter how you feel or see things happening for you.  Don’t let your self-doubt, negative self-talk, or things out of your control make your vision for yourself misty.  You are something that is going to take time, persistence, and energy.  Make yourself a priority!

So with that in mind consider this: everyone has goals for themselves (I’m going to eat better, exercise, brush my teeth twice a day, smile more often, overcome my anxiety/Depression/obsession/addiction) and I know your goal is great because its designed by you.  As you wake up in the morning know that that goal you made for yourself is implanted and ingrained in your purpose for this year.  Remember to keep at it.  Don’t forget it and don’t let days, weeks, months pass before acknowledging that goal.  Make bettering yourself a daily habit.  Don’t let daily routine distract you from putting yourself first.  Remember there is no equation without a functioning you.  Work can’t get done productively without you nor can communication with loved ones or school assignments or whatever is important to creating a great life for yourself.  So remember, you are important!! don’t forget that.

Mental Note: Take care of myself this year.  Make my happiness a priority.  Stay focused on sustaining a better me!

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