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Some People’s Purpose is to Break your Heart

Some People’s Purpose is to Break Your Heart

It’s one of those nights where my brains ability to reminisce creates uncomfortable memory recovery.  Where I do not understand why some people have come and gone in seconds, some in months, and some in years.  I learned that not everyone is meant to stay in your life, they’re just meant to teach you lessons, but it also occurred to me that some people are just meant to break your heart.  I’m not only talking about the casual break up with a significant partner, but also family and friends.  Some people enter your life to break you down—some short term and others long term.  In other instances they will just leave while others will linger then leave eventually. Some will even care then stop caring.

This realization has made me, yet again, afraid to create new bonds and friendships but hopeful of the possibility to create and learn from new experiences at the same time.  Life has a way of masking hurt and pain by revealing those wounds into experiences that you would not have witnessed otherwise. I’ve had a fair share, I would say, of rejections and disappointments of people who said they cared but didn’t and a whole lot of self hatred because of it, but I learned (even though those incidents still haunt me in the deep hours of the night) how to appreciate myself and my own company.

Don’t let the illusion of brokenness from people who’s purpose in your life was to break your heart keep you from becoming yourself.

Try to let go of past relationships that didn’t work out. It will take time and probably a lot of tears, but someone else is waiting and they will come with purpose to build you up, stay, push you, and help you get to your power and worth.

Don’t allow past actions of other people to keep you from becoming, teaching, and building those you encounter.  You are not alone.

Be great and be yourself.  That’s all that is necessary.

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