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Potential, Power, and Worth

It’s not always easy realizing the power and worth you have. Potential is revealed through hard work and dedication, but if you are not willing or motivated to push past boundaries to see your fullest potential then it’s difficult to see yourself as anything but average. I’m here to say that your power and worth is greater than what you see yourself to be. Your worth is built up on the ability, your ability, to strive and reach for your maximum potential. The more you see yourself worthy, the more your power and potential is manifested in the way you walk, talk, and carry out even the smallest everyday tasks.

Strive to find that power. Strive to see that worth. Strive to reach your fullest potential! Potential does not have to mean strain and it doesn’t have to mean running a marathon, or becoming tired, potential is everything that makes you YOU! Potential is your capacity to show the worth who you are, to show yourself that you can be who you want to be despite societal expectation. Potential can mean the way you discuss your passions to a stranger, potential can mean the way you communicate with your family and friends, potential can mean the way you love yourself enough to keep going to work or school even though you are struggling. Potential gives birth to self-worth and power in oneself. Giving yourself freedom to live and be yourself is manifested potential. Not everyone is able to realize their worth and power because they have given up their fight on potential.

Being yourself, loving yourself, valuing yourself, and finding worth in who you are and what you can bring forth in encountering tasks and people you meet shows your potential and your power.

Show everyone what you are made of!

Louise L. Hay Quote on Power. Used from Google images.

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