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The 9 Step “I got this” Challenge

Quote Repeat
“I can do this.” Taken from Google images.

Step 1: Wake up a couple minutes earlier then usual

Step 2: Do Not think of anything negative that pertains to the day that is to follow

Step 3: Stretch and take several deep breaths

Step 4: Get out of bed

Step 5: Do what you normally do in the morning (i.e brush your teeth, take a shower, get ready for work/school/the day)

Step 6: Say three times “I Got This!” (actually mean it)

Step 7: Eat breakfast!

Step 8: Think of the first two task you have to complete

Step 9: Leave your home or start your work or morning tasks wherever  or whatever that may be

Although this challenge may seem simplistic and purposeless, the goal of the challenge is to set a positive tone for the day.  While you are breathing, stretching and waking up in the morning, you are setting the scene for how the day will play out.  If you declare that you will have a positive day, then the day will turn out great.  Just by doing your regular morning routines with a positive mindset you are able to  push through any obstacles that may be waiting for you throughout the day.  By saying “you got this,” everything will be seen in a brighter light.  Doing these simple tasks  are just a step toward a more productive you.  Do this every day and you will begin to see that you want to wake up in the morning.

Even though you may be tired and you don’t want to continue on, just telling yourself that you can get up and get the day started helps! Start off your day thinking about only the immediate things, like the things you have to do in the next few hours, don’t think about the whole day.  Chop up your day and think about only the moment you are in.

You can do it! You got this!!




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