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You Got This!

In reflecting about the topic and main focus of this weeks posts, I decided to say these three words

to who ever may come across this post: YOU GOT THIS!  No matter what you may think or feel in your current situation, no matter how cumbersome of tiresome your day to day or weekly tasks may be, you are able to get everything done and done well.

For the past few months I’ve been bombarded with classwork and homework along with working on my research and grad school applications.  I’ve had several  break downs and have felt stressed to the point where I just sit in my bed with no energy just worried about everything.  This technique, in case you haven’t already noticed, is extremely ineffective!  Instead of just laying in bed and basking in the ambiance of my misery, all I needed to do was get up dust off my doubts, lack of motivation, and self pity and say I got this.  Of course, its not always easy just to get up and continue to keep going and push through your everyday struggles, but you can do it!  You’ve been doing it!

I believe that you can break through and shatter all that is holding you back from your greatest potentials.  In order to do this, however, you must first believe that you are able and you are so just get up from your bed of tired, helpless, and hopeless thoughts.  You got it!

Keep Calm Image. Used from Google Image.

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