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Freedom Quote: Wage War on Invasive Thoughts


5 Steps to winning the war against invasive thoughts.


Wage War


Leave a Warning to Others

Walk Away

You have all the power and ability to change your mind and shift the negative energy and make it go away for good.  Don’t give the invasive thoughts the power to take over your mind and make you feel insane.  You are in charge of your sanity and negativity can not take your own autonomy and self-control.  Switch it up right when you feel it creeping up.  Don’t allow your mind to turn on itself.  You are in control.  You will always be in charge. Time to take back your mind. Declare the war. You will win.

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Freedom Quote: Ignite Your Power


I felt it bubbling inside, so I locked it away

It felt like a monster waiting to show its face

When I took out my pen and started to write, there it was again

The monster, my passion, my power it was locked within

I’m still afraid to let it out, I have to keep it in

Who knows what will happen when I let it roam free

I can’t let that monster out, the power inside of me