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Bulletin: Avoid Expectation

Enter new situations with an open mind. As much as we think we are similar to those around us, we all have different experiences that shape how we behave and what we believe. The important part when it comes to new experiences, however, is to separate what we believe will happen or want to happen based on those preconceived beliefs from the reality of what’s going on. At times we may attach our expectations on these situations and in turn, ignore what is actually going on.

Sit back and observe instead of leading the experience with expectation. Who are we talking with? Where are we? How do I feel? Being mindful of ourselves and what is happening will allow us to make a decision whether this is a situation we want to continue engaging in or exiting.

Adjust to what is presented and allow the experience to flow as it may. What fits, will fit. What falls, will fall.

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I See You


I see you

When you cry yourself to sleep because you don’t feel you’re good enough

When you see those around you getting rewarded, but you aren’t

When you’re up all night working, but no one notices

When you do something great, but no one sees

When you were there for everyone, but no one is there for you

When your family eats at night and the house is clean

When everything runs smoothly and as planned

When you feel hopeless and useless because you don’t see what a gem you are

I see you, you’re not invisible

To the unnoticed

To the kindhearted

To the silent blessings

To the hard workers

I see you and thank you

You are appreciated

I See you