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Why is Why Important [11/23/15]

The word why in capital letters with a question mark in black with a white and faded blue background
The word why as a question. Original Photo.

About 5 days ago I laid in my bed after a long and tiring day.  As I laid in bed I struggled to see the reasons why I’m in school.  You know, like those moments where you ask yourself why.  The why for me in that moment came down like a ton of bricks.  I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be where I am in life, in school.  I started doubting myself and asking questions about whether I’m doing as good as I thought in my classes.  I just felt horrible and I didn’t know why the doubt and confusion struck me so hard.  It was hard to tell myself, Nina its okay!  You’re doing your best and that’s all you can give.

Now that I reflect on that moment, on a time that I felt worthless, powerless, and doubted my potential, I see that where I am in life itself represents what I can do and where I can go if I work on myself along with taking opportunities that can help me reach where I want to go in my future.

Although the why’s that pop up randomly sometimes make us think critically about our current position, where we are, and if we are actually making progress toward our true potential, they help us to see that we are going somewhere!  Going somewhere, whether it’s small, whether it’s moving toward saying I’m okay today, I appreciate myself today, I’m beautiful today, I made it through work today, I can today is meaningful progress.  Those why’s can be so blurry, but when they become clearer so does realizing your path and potential.

Stay positive and keep going!

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