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A False Saying: Expect what you Deserve 

It bothers me that people actually think that they shouldn’t expect happiness and kindness once they’ve done something great.  It bothers me that people don’t expect for others to care and love them back.  Whats the point of loving if your not going to receive love back? It’s not about materiel expectation but having a will to give back and keep being great.  Sometimes it gets discouraging to always be the one to step up and be the bigger person.  Sometimes you just want to see someone else care as much as you do. You want to see someone else extend a hand when you need them too.  You should be able to expect love to come back when all you’ve been doing is putting it out.  It’s not fair that this world has taught us that we shouldn’t expect goodness to come out of goodness.  We shouldn’t stop expecting, we should be dissapointed in people saying we should stop expecting.

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