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Making Sense: Toxic Phrases

Joel Osteen Quote 

There are just some things that have happened or that have been said to me that live with me everyday and haunt me at the latest hours of the night

“You are the weakest link”

“I’m disappointed in you”

“I love her more than you”

“I don’t want to put in any effort for you”

“Nah, she ugly”

“You weren’t competative enough”

“Theres nothing I can do to help you”

“You’re a dub”

“I think you should change your profile picture because you are confusing people”

“You are affecting your family”

“Stop being discouraged”

“Get over it”

“People are watching you”

“That’s a sin”

“..but in the Bible it says”

“….going to hell”

“Don’t you want to go to heaven?”

“What happened? You can do better” 

“You can’t do that”

“You’re not supposed to hang out with those type of people”

“I don’t care what you think”

“Oh, I didn’t invite you because…”

“You think too much…”

“Stop saying you’re depressed…”

“God is watching you…”

“Relax its not that serious”

While some of these phrases may seem harmless and others in need of more context, they have been a guide to how I think about myself, how I view situations and circumstances, and how I approach new opportunities.  These phrases have been a hindrance to my mental growth and well being. 

In order to take away from things that have been said that may have scarred and affected how you think, you have to use them as fuel.  Let them scab up and fall off of how you perceive who you are. Use them as excess motivation.

Let what is said to you build you up even if it hurt you.  Let it build your confidence, bravery, power and self-image.  Turn every phrase into a positive, a tactic that can’t halt your progress.

Everyone has those phrases of people who drilled a perception in their head,  use them.  Make them amo.  Make them “I heard that before” phrases that don’t bother you. Move above and beyond.  Move forward.  

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