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Pencil Case Prompts: Releasing and Stamping


Happy New Year Creators, Writers, and Crafters! Let’s start this new year with lists and letters.

List 10 things, ideas, limiting beliefs, unproductive habits behaviors, or thoughts you would like to release from 2020.
Make a second list of 10 productive and positive intentions you would like to stamp on 2021.

As a bonus journal activity: Write a release letter to 2020, including what you added from your list above. To end your letter add your 10 productive and positive intentions you will stamp on 2021.

Note: You can share and do as much or as little as you would like. The idea of this activity is to reflect on what has passed, take what you learned, leave the rest behind, and stamp this year by putting yourself as a priority.

My Reflection

I’m Releasing:

1. Self-blame
2. Debilitating fear
3. Procrastination
4. Low self-esteem and self-worth
5. Codependency
6. Shame
7. The negative thought “I am not worthy of love or affection”
8. Hiding my pain
9. Believing I’m not going to be successful
10. Feeling embarrassed about my mental health conditions
I’m Stamping:
1. The affirmation ”I am a powerful woman who’s purpose is beyond what I can imagine.”
2. Empowerment to take risks that will help get me where I want to be
3. Asking for help when I need to
4. Calling out stigma
5. Establishing my needs
6. Continuously learning, growing, and developing.
7. Prioritizing myself and being patient with my journey.
8. Embracing my creativity
9. Declaring my wellness
10. Waking up every day with a productive mindset to reflect and act on my needs and achieve the work my body allows without feeling guilty

*My letter will be a separate post!

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