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To My “Nice Girls”

I heard it all too often that I’m nice, too nice and I shouldn’t be this nice because people would take advantage or walk all over me.  I heard it and I heard it a lot. I recently got another reminder.  So this is for my kind hearted nice girls. 

You are jewels and not because you are able to remain and contain your good character in the mist of a pessimistic, narcissistic, and selfish world but because you remain true to who you want to be to others.  None-conforming to the hurt that I’m sure you may have endured, you still contain the strength and persistence to be kind and approachable.  

You are not weak.  I repeat you are not weak! It takes more to be kind and “nice” and sweet especially when we are often encountered by people who are not much so what you are.  

Do not change and let the negativity  turn you bitter.  Nice does not mean gullible or naive.  Nice does not mean dependent or ignorant.  Nice does not mean you allow people to take advantage.  I rather not even use the word nice.  Its simplifies the character trait few people are able to contain in most hostile environments.  

Maintain your humanity.  Do not let people take advantage while still keeping your cool.  Don’t let others take your peace of mind, but also know when to hold your ground and fight back.  You can still remain who you are while defending yourself and your sanity.  Know when to end things.

Being “nice” is not a bad trait.  It shows that you still want to resonate peace and goodness in often broken and hurt spaces you encounter.

You are strong and independent.  The world needs more people like you.

Kindness is Not a Weakness

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