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To the Girl Who Hates Her Body 

You are amazing. Your body is your own so love it with all of you. All the curves or lack of, all the beauty marks, all the blemishes, scars, and pimples. All the dimples and hairs. Your complextion, your radiant complextion is all you!

Love it all. You are the most beautiful you will ever be because you can’t escape all that is you. There is only one you so appreciate and value the individuality you’ve been gifted with.
No one can be who you are so bless the world with your individule, courageous, brave and majestic beauty.
Your beauty is your own so never compare your beauty to anyone elses. Their beauty is theirs and yours is yours.

Wear your beauty like a crown of glory, like a gold metal because you win every day. Everyday you wake up to see beauty that is only yours.

Don’t let anyone in any circumstance, situation, or moment confuse you into thinking that beauty has a standard and looks like one thing. A flowers beauty is not a butterflys beauty or a mountains beauty. Your beauty is only yours and you are the only one who has the authority to say anything about it.

You are untouchable and powerful. Don’t let your eyes and mind deceive you. You are the only one with your type of beauty so wear it because theres only one of it, one of you.

Beauty is all that makes up you. Your recipe. Everything put together to make you the masterpiece. Everything thats you is intentional.

Beauty has no standard, no limit, no face, or definition. You don’t need supplies to be beautiful.

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