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Making Sense: Self-Hate Consciousness

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Self-hate comes from the deepest point of yourself and thrives in negativity, guilt, and fear.  Its built from childhood and continues until you are so self-aware that you can feel the self-hate dictating how you react or respond to a circumstance or situation.  I never felt my self-hate work so hard until I wanted to fall in love. Self-hate is like a negative conscious.  A consciousness that doesn’t want you to find your most powerful potential.  Self-hate is created.  No one is born with it.  Working to love yourself in the mist of such a strong core of negative consciousness takes so much energy it creates a illusion of depression and anxiety and makes you live in the fear and guilt that the self-hate encompasses.  

Self-hate doesn’t necessarily mean you hate yourself, its more like you trained yourself to react negatively in a state of self-pity and sadness at a level that is second nature.  Phrases like “I can’t” and “I won’t” guide how you see and respond to challenges.  You may not see that yourhate enough or worth much because that core essence is so strong that you actually believe that you’re not good about or worth much.

Breaking from self-hate consciousness takes active work and daily positive gestures toward yourself.  Talk to yourself positively and don’t take things personal.  Make sure to put yourself first and cut things out that is toxic and triggers the core negative consciousness youlr trying to destroy.

Work to make self-hate consciousness self-love awareness.  Love yourself and put your happiness at the front of every opportunity.  Don’t compromise your happiness and well-being for anything or anyone.

You are important.

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