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The Path to Appreciating What you See and Feel [10/31/15]

So, I’m not skinny; I have big hips and a gut. I don’t have straight teeth. My complexion is anything but flawless. I have a little acne and my hair is crazy curly and sometimes frizzy. Yet it’s okay. It’s taken me my whole life just to be okay with my self-image. Self-image is in my hands and in the hands of no one else. For a long time I thought all the things I listed above were major flaws, major things that made me unattractive. They are not! If you put all of those things together, then you get me!

I remember being six years old and hating the depth of my voice. I hated listening to myself speak in fear that people would wonder why my voice is so deep. I would ask my mother “ma, why do I sound like a man?” I laugh at this now because it’s one of the things I love about myself. My voice and its depth is why I’m able to sing low alto notes and create the tone I want when performing my spoken word pieces. My voice is how people understand who I am. My voice is how people identify me. I love my voice!

As long as you can appreciate and value every aspect of your character then nothing can penetrate your self-love. Everything that people might judge, question, or criticize about you is everything that you need to love about yourself.

You are beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful.

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Quote by Dr. Joyce Brothers Postie Self-Image is the best Preparation. Taken from

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